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Public Speaking Course SpeechMad Now Accessible to the Public


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/17/2012 -- The ability to influence a room with a moving speech has always been highly regarded in the professional world, so when it comes to the art of public speaking, confidence, technique, and passion are all important skills that a speaker has to possess.

Individuals looking to hone their rhetoric skills are turning to the SpeechMad system, a 12-week online membership course that helps people master public speaking techniques for all speech types. “The SpeechMad system focuses on resolving the two most common reasons why people fail at speaking in public” by alleviating their fear and helping them prepare thoroughly for speeches, explains an article on SpeechMad’s website.

By trying the SpeechMad system, those looking to become amazing public speakers can expect to learn how to craft perfect speeches, get rid of their anxiety, and captivate and influence their listeners. The SpeechMad program also teaches students how to make strong emotional connections, practice correctly, what gestures to use and avoid, and how to create incredible slides. A popular aspect of the program also teaches public speakers how to execute a successful impromptu speech in seven steps.

Although most speech programs and coaches cost thousands of dollars, SpeechMad is offering a lifetime membership to the course for just $57, payable over the course of three months for just $19 per month. The lifetime membership includes indefinite access to the membership site, all of the materials, and awesome new updates. SpeechMad offers a 60 day 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked, if the program does not deliver as promised.

SpeechMad’s training program spans 12 lessons that all include worksheets and other visual aids, such as mind maps. However, because SpeechMad believes that “55% of what you ‘say’ is actually interpreted through body language,” a free manual guaranteed to give the speaker a social advantage for understanding body language will be included.

Upon paying for the first month, SpeechMad will allow clients to register and receive their first email with a link to an exclusive member’s area. From there, the first lesson and a bonus will be available, with new lessons becoming available for 12 weeks in an easy-to-follow-system.

About SpeechMad
Founded in 2012 by Matthew Culberson, SpeechMad’s mission is to provide a no-nonsense 12-week membership course designed to help anyone master the art of public speaking and presenting. SpeechMad shows its clients how to captivate and influence their audiences. The membership includes lifetime access to any future SpeechMad lessons and updates. For more information, please visit http://speechmad.com/