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Public Transport Costs Hit UK Workers Up to 6 Times as Hard: Fair Rent Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/25/2016 -- A recent study, brought together by Action for Rail and the TUC, has revealed that public transport costs, especially for trains, affect UK workers much more heavily than in other EU countries. Figures show that workers commuting in the UK spend up to six times as much of their income on rail fare compares to other European commuters. This has led to widespread discontent and has even prompted some to take alternate methods of travelling to work; with car hire being especially popular.

A key reason why travellers use trains is so they can travel in busy areas, such as the cities, without having to worry about the implications on their own vehicle. However, car hire offers an ideal medium – it does not require the lump sum investment of a car and can be booked close to the city: thus providing a viable option for business people who want to escape the trouble of the trains. Keen to support this approach have been a number of industry experts, including Fair Rent.

It is thought that more people will move away from train travel if possible, especially in light of the statistics released as part of the study. They show the hard reality of rail fares: as whilst in Italy workers spend an average of 2% of their monthly wages on rail fares, in the UK the figure is at 13%. The cost of other public transport is also seen as high in the UK; as prices have not appropriately fallen to reflect low oil prices. Buses and trams have been another frustration to commuters therefore. Quick to comment on this issue was Fair Rent, an expert in car hire located close to London:

"The high rail and public transport prices mean that commuters are constantly looking for other ways to travel, especially if they work in business and want an accessible way of getting around. We think it is unfair that British workers have to face such high costs compared to other EU countries, and that's why we are passionate about offering affordable car hire – with some great models for business purposes."

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