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PublicLiabilityInsurance.org Adds Liability Protection Information for UK Clubs and Societies


Manchester, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/14/2012 -- The UK information website PublicLiabilityInsurance.org has just added important new feature content to help clubs and societies understand how and why Public Liability Insurance (PLI) can bring beneficial and necessary protections. PublicLiabilityInsurance.org provides detailed information and guidance on the importance of Public Liability Protection for individuals and small business.

Regardless of the appearance of potential for accidents on its face, any type of club or society can be subject to unforeseen accidents, damages and illnesses for which they are held liable.

In order to help all types of clubs and organisations understand the specifics of why and how PLI is a necessary protection against injury or damages claims, the information website PublicLiabilityInsurance.org has just released new informational content that specifically addressing these issues.

“Regardless of function, members or where they meet, any UK club, society or organisation can find itself facing injury or damage claims,” said a PublicLiabilityInsurance.org representative. “Consequently, its leadership must carefully consider securing a public liability policy to provide a financial safety net to cover costs on its behalf.”

The broadly reaching overview begins by explaining the ways in which every club or society’s responsibilities for safety go beyond attending members. Differing types of environments where clubs may function and the possibilities for damage and injury claims are discussed in detail. “The bottom line is that those with overall responsibility for the running of clubs and societies of any kind have a duty of care that encompasses their members, their place of operation and any people that come in contact with them,” said the representative.

The new content then delves into how clubs and societies can assess the liability cover needed via self-creation of a risk assessment list that looks at all aspects of the organisation. Readers are given an Accidents & Injuries Assessment template for creating their own risk assessment that looks at members, ancillary personnel, the activities and the environments in which the club and its members meet and fulfill club activities. “The nature and length of your ‘risk list’ will understandably be dictated by the types of activities you are involved in providing,” said the representative.

Differing scenarios and types of supplemental insurance that can bolster or supersede PLI in specific scenarios are discussed ranging from Employers Liability insurance, Commercial Vehicle Insurance, Event Insurance and more. The overview concludes by helping clubs, societies and other organisations determine the best approach to finding and ensuring that they have the right public liability insurance policy for sufficient protection against the unforeseen scenario. For more information, please visit http://www.publicliabilityinsurance.org/

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Based in the United Kingdom, PublicLiabilityInsurance.org provides detailed information and guidance on the importance of Public Liability Cover for individuals and small business owners. Readers will find numerous guides for specific businesses and organisations where they can learn how to choose the level of insurance cover that will provide liability protection should the worst happen. The information website is not affiliated with any insurance company or service and all guides are independently written and fact checked prior to publication.