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Publish Vault Review Unveils New Content Marketing Platform


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- Publish Vault, a new content marketing platform by Mark Thompson was launched on July 30, 2015. Internet marketers have reviewed it as a necessary tool for content marketers who manage several WordPress sites. The tool saves you time by allowing an all in one platform for managing and scheduling content across several sites. It also allows you to stay organize with less effort which is crucial when an internet marketer works on more than five websites.

Publish Vault is set to serve new internet marketers and veteran content marketers alike who deal with several sites to those who may require a managed dedicated server to run hundreds of sites (such as Mark himself). It sets a proper foundation for easy management of multiple websites where content is a key factor to site performance. It also serves for individuals who own private blog networks as you are able to install Publish Vault to multiple WordPress sites across various servers. Effectively, Mr.Thompson have chosen to make PV as accessible as possible when it comes to licensing conditions.

Reviewers of Publish Vault have expressed their gratitude and excitement of the new resource released by Mark Thompson who conceptualized the tool out of his own necessity. John Nguyen of IMInfoHub shares, "Publish Vault is a one of a kind tool that provides internet marketers of all stages the organization and stability they need with content management to scale more effectively. In niche marketing, scalability is important, Publish Vault gives you the additional edge over your competitors." Mr.Nguyen also followed up his comment to state, "anyone who uses a managed dedicated server has to get Publish Vault for increasing time efficiency and convenience"

Some of the key features in PublishVault includes team collaboration and content procurement. Managers can create content ideas on Publish Vault and assign them to team members who will be able to write the content right within PV Content marketing tool. Webmasters can also choose to engage writers and create profiles for past writers within Marks' content marketing tool which is connected to two leading writing marketplaces namely iWriter and TextBroker. Once the content is produced or procured, webmasters and private blog network owners can schedule the posts for distribution to specific blogs on a desired date; this is ideal when managing multiple blogs with different content schedules on a managed dedicated server.

The sum goal of Publish Vault as stated by Mark Thompson on the front page is to "Drive more qualified buyer traffic, leads, customers to all of your sites." Mark hopes that using his content marketing tool will allow website owners who manage several sites to work more efficiently and profitably, even as much as "10x more profitable". While the tool can serve to multiple sites hosted on a managed dedicated server, it can also be useful for sites across various shared hosting accounts which would suite well for private blog network owners.

To learn more about Publish Vault, visit IMInfoHub to read a Publish Vault review.

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