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South Jakarta, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2012 -- brings this wonderful opportunity to you where you can share your beautiful thoughts with others in the world. Who knows your thoughts may inspire others and bring smile on their faces and encourage them to follow their dreams with a new zeal and energy. is a beautiful concept allowing you to publish your simple thoughts on the web. Anyone can register on the site and create as many quotes as he or she wishes to publish on the web. All quotes are published along with the names of their creators and they can share their thoughts on their facebook profile as well. The idea is to help you spread the message and make more audience to learn about your thoughts.

With such an amazing feature, the site serves to become a wonderful medium of self-expression. Lots many people are showcasing their creativity through the site and bringing some inspiration in the lives of others motivating them to move ahead in their lives. One of the top contributors to the site revealed, “I have been posting my simple thoughts almost everyday. At least I have one medium where I can keep my thoughts stored that come to mind every now and then. Moreover, others can also learn from your practical thoughts and my quotes are helping me to get Facebook likes, that’s another additional advantage of posting your quotes on and updating your Facebook status .” not only allows you to post your thoughts and statement on the web but it also allows you to design them to give them a true shape of a Facebook cover or wallpaper. In this manner, your creative statements and design rendering will more people and may serve a source of inspiration for them. One can use his statements as tweets. One can also convert a quote into his Facebook or Twitter Profile picture.

One can download the statements, which one has liked, as desktop and mobile wallpapers. One can log on to the website to read a number of beautiful quotes and post his or her comments as well. This way, the website helps maintain the interaction between the poster of the thoughts and the audience.

This wonderful platform for self-expression is free to use and if you have some thoughts to share with the whole world, it’s time to create your free account on and start posting your thoughts.

About is an online platform allowing people to post their thoughts for free and share them on their social media profiles such as Facebook and Twitter. The idea is to bring the creativity out of the people and spread their thoughts on the web, which may serve a source of inspiration for others. One can post as many thoughts as one wishes to and can design them to convert into Facebook Cover and Wallpapers etc.

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