Publisher Mark Beachy Launches Internet TV Station, TheatreGuide.TV


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/19/2015 -- Publisher Mark Beachy is proud to announce the launch of his latest publication, TheatreGuide.TV! "Share your talents with the world," he says. "Now there is one place for all to see your talents."

To get the internet TV station started, we posted a few example videos including samples of Mr. Beachy's work, like his award-winning TV special, 'Bout Baltimore and Kids on Camera.

TheatreGuide.TV connects those interested in the performing arts:

TheatreGuide.TV is a free worldwide internet TV station dedicated to videos about theatre, music, and dance. The website includes anyone who performs in front of an audience at a theatre or wherever a particular performance happens to be. This includes magicians, jugglers, stand-up comedians, ice skating, and more. Actors, singers, and dancers can even post their demo-reels!

Mark Beachy, who is also the publisher of two online magazine's called MD Theatre Guide and NY Theatre Guide, created TheatreGuide.TV in order to expand upon his mission to educate and entertain online viewers on theatre, music, and dance.

Both MD Theatre Guide and NY Theatre Guide already produce original videos and even some live webcasts. According to eMarketer, the number of online video viewers in the US is expected to grow to 193.1 million in 2015, so the idea of a nationwide internet TV station dedicated to theatre seems like a good niche to fill.

TV producer Ron Israel said, "I have known Mark Beachy since his late teen years, and he has always been a first-class theatre person and talented individual. I wish him much success with his latest venture. He is the 'Ted Turner of the Millennium.'"

TheatreGuide.TV Features:

1. 25 categories to help you find videos fast! Categories include: Acting, Children, Comedy, Costuming, Creative Team, Dance, Demo-Reels, Drama, Ice Skating, Instructional, Live, Music, Musical, News, Nostalgia, Organizations, Other, Play, Puppetry, Singing, Specialty Act, Stage Combat, Stage Makeup, Technical Theatre, and Theatre.

2. Upload your own videos.

3. Create your own internet TV channel on TheatreGuide.TV.

4. Create your own playlist which plays on your internet TV channel.

5. Upgrade to a paid subscription ($5.00 per month) and be able to post News and Events items, as well as post up to 10 videos. We limit the number of videos you can have on your channel at any one time since we want to encourage you to update your channel with new content ever so often.

What Types of Videos is TheatreGuide.TV Seeking:

TheatreGuide.TV is open to any family friendly program pertaining to theatre, music, or dance that is entertaining or educational. This could mean theatrical performances, acting instruction, competition shows, reality shows, arts advocacy, or news. Maybe someone has written a book on singing and would like their own show that teaches singing? Maybe an arts organization would like to discuss issues on the arts? Theatre companies could have their own show that promotes their current or upcoming productions. Or maybe one would like to produce a weekly musical variety show? The program can be a one-time special or weekly series. You can even embed your link to a LIVE event you are producing! The ideas are endless.

How to Get Your Videos on TheatreGuide.TV:

The website operates similar to youtube. You create an account and upload your videos. Everyone gets their own internet TV channel, featuring their own videos for the world to see!

About Mark Beachy
Mark Beachy is the publisher and video producer of the MD Theatre Guide and the NY Theatre Guide.