Publisher of the Peter Leeds Newsletter for the Best Penny Stocks Expects Even Further Strength from Their August Hot List Pick

On August 16th, the Peter Leeds team made another Hot List pick for their the best penny stocks newsletter. The underlying company rose from 73 cents to above $1.25 within weeks, in a strong uptrend. While many shareholders are taking profits at these much higher prices, Peter Leeds, author and public speaker, as well as publisher of the Peter Leeds Best Penny Stocks newsletter, suggests that there may be further upside in the near term.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/06/2012 -- The Peter Leeds team published their report on the best penny stocks to buy on August 16th, which saw their selection travel strongly higher from 73 cents towards above $1.25 in a matter of weeks. In response to the 70% gain over recent weeks, some shareholders will invariably be taking profits. While this may or may not be the best move with this or any other penny stocks which have increased so strongly, one analyst suggests to proceed with careful consideration.

Peter Leeds is the publisher of the best penny stocks to buy newsletter, as well as a public speaker and author. "Shares are still in a strong uptrend under significant trading volume, and with all penny stocks this may not be the best time to sell," mentions Leeds. "While shares may give back some in the short term, it is my opinion that there will be further upside in the medium and longer term."

"Trading volume is the best indicator for investors in penny stocks," continues Leeds. "With penny stocks that have risen along with increased volume, it is usually best to take profits only as and if that volume dries up. Penny stocks with sustained and increased volume, such as the company in question, usually best serve investors who go along with the ride until the trend has shown signs of slowing down."

When asked what makes the Peter Leeds best penny stocks newsletter different, Leeds explains that they are unique because they do not accept compensation from the penny stocks they review. He suggests that this is the best way for investors to be able to trust information they read about the penny stocks they are interested in, and the best method for traders to get consistent results from trading those penny stocks.

The Leeds best penny stocks newsletter team has never taken a single penny of payment in consideration of their analysis and published profiles on the best penny stocks, over the entire course of their 14 year history.

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