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Publisher's New Youth Program Allows Young Writers to Publish a Book, Distribute It Globally & Raise Funds for Education

RedemptionHouse Publishing’s innovative new ‘RH Youth Writing Program’ allows young authors to not only achieve their dream of publishing a book around the world, but raise vital funds for their post-secondary education. With the program already promoting creativity locally, RedemptionHouse is delighted to announce the success of its first RH Youth Writing Program release.


Halifax, NS -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- While many would think that publishing a book is only available to writing veterans, an inspirational Canadian publisher is proving that young people can not only publish and distribute their work around the world, but use it to raise cash for a continued education.

RedemptionHouse Publishing, based just outside of Halifax in Nova Scotia, launched its ‘RH Youth Writing Program’ to foster creativity among young minds and assist them in achieving their writing dreams. The program, open to all young writers in North America, pairs them with a top-level Creative Editor to develop their work and distribute it worldwide. Proceeds from sales are then handed back to the author to be used towards post-secondary education.

“Young people are our literary and world leaders of tomorrow. There are thousands of children boasting an abundance of creativity, but lacking an outlet through which to reach their audience. The RH Youth Writing Program works very much like a traditional publishing operation, but is solely focused towards guiding young people and allowing them to reap the fruits of their good work,” says Terry Biles, Founder of RedemptionHouse Publishing.

He continues, “However, we afford them close-knit mentoring and support so that they can be successful and instill a value into their hard work. Passionate that their efforts should pay off in the long term, we also allow them to use sales revenue to fund their higher education. This is a true investment in their future.”

Biles and his team recently helped local youngster Christie Clarke become the first beneficiary. While she started writing at twelve years-old, Clarke used the program to become a globally published author before she even finished University. Her novel, ‘Star Spirit’, imparts a bold message of hope.


The Arctic is a cold and desolate place where few creatures survive. The vast wind swept ice barrens hold magic, mysteries, and stories for those that know where to look. For the young polar bear, Enoch, and the young human, Isan, the Arctic is home. After sharing a dream, the two find their destinies intertwined, and they soon discover that they had been picked by the gods as the new guardians of the boundless land.

After the emergence of a brilliant red star, Enoch and Isan set out on a journey to learn where they came from, and what destiny holds for their future. Racing against time, Enoch and Isan face an evil bent on resurrecting an ancient god that threatens to destroy the world. Travel with them as they learn that bravery, honor, and love can overcome any obstacle.

Due to Clarke’s roaring success, Biles invites young writers across North America to submit their book ideas for consideration.

“We know that there are limitless partnership opportunities out there. We’re actively encouraging all young authors to get in touch; no serious proposal will be dismissed. We’re committed to inspiring creativity long into the future,” he adds.

For more information on the RH Youth Writing Program or ‘Start Spirit’, visit: http://www.redemptionhouse.ca.

About Christie Clarke
A resident of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, Christie started writing when she was twelve years old where she produced the first copy of Star Spirit. Now, six years later, she is studying at the University of King's College while re-releasing the other three books in the series. Christie lives at home with her parents and younger brother, and beloved golden retriever. When she is not writing, Christie spends her hours working at the local library where she hopes her books can be shared amongst her co-workers and younger teens.

About RedemptionHouse Publishing
Established in 2012, RedemptionHouse publishing has been built to help new and seasoned authors in dealing with the struggle they may encounter while trying to have their hard work reach its target audience. Our goal is to give the author all the benefits of self-publishing while providing all the help and services of a publishing company.