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Bangalore, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2013 -- Publishing children books is one of the toughest tasks as the publishing market is highly competitive. In such situations, there will be huge resistance from the publishers to accept new manuscripts written by kindle authors. To write a kindle books, authors must have talent and skills. But to market the book they need to learn more about business skills. Thanks to the reputed online publisher who is ready to teach self publishing skills at free of cost. To publish free kindle books online, log on to Authors Square, a self publishing source for kindle authors.

Children’s book section is highly dominated by comics and animation series. At the same time, there is huge resistance from parents against such books. Despite of all odds, the kindle book section is growing at rapid pace. For new authors to publish a kindle book, it will be a daunting task as there is huge resistance from top publishers. Some authors try to publish their books on their own. For them, this can be a huge challenge, not only do they have to bear the printing cost; they have to then participate in the promotion of the book and marketing aspects. To overcome all these challenges, they require a professional consultant who is critical in resolving all the above issues.

Now with the advent of online e-books, authors can publish their free kindle books all by themselves. Amazon publisher, a reputed online publisher has come forward to encourage new authors. They have introduced a new tool which guides kindle authors on various aspects of self publishing. Apart from publishing they even teach various aspects like how to market kindle books, how to make extra money through self publishing, etc.

Authors Square, the official website of Amazon publishers, allow kindle writers to submit their new books, post reviews on various kindle books and indirectly allows the writer to earn extra income through kindle books sale. Kindle writers can publish both fiction and nonfiction stories at free of cost. Unlike in traditional publishing, they don’t need to worry about publishers, marketers and competition. The reputed website encourage the new and talented kindle authors in all aspects, starting from novel writing, essential tips in writing a kindle book, tips to publish a kindle book, how to generate revenue & how to marketing these books profitably, everything is covered.

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