Publishing Unleashed

PublishingUnleashed Offers a New Way to Publish for Indie Authors and Authorpreneurs


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2012 -- Former Business Development specialist Tanya Stockton has announced the creation of , an exceptional resource for authors and aspiring authors to enter the brave new world of publishing traditional books and e-books. Even though self-publishing is easier than ever, it’s still a difficult process.

Did you know that the average self-published book sells 100 to 150 copies? About three-quarters of those books are sold to friends and family. Half of self-published authors earn less than $500 from their books. Stockton says: “With the barriers to entry imposed by traditional publishing removed, there are a lot of new publishing companies and book promotional companies cashing in on the trend. Digital publishing has allowed just about anyone to become a publisher. However, because someone can help you publish, doesn’t mean that they will help your book become a success.”

Stockton cautions authors to make sure you know exactly what you are getting when you sign up to get published. You can rack up thousands of dollars in fees and services that you’ll never recoup. “Look for transparency as well as results,” Stockton advises, “ask for quantitative measures to gauge whether services and fees are appropriate for your project.”

Stockton has had a long and successful career in the book business. Her journey went from a bookstore manager to her business development position at and a few positions in between. Stockton discovered that the self publishing author faces a steep uphill battle for exposure. "With the barrier for entry so low for self published authors, there are now over 1,000,000 self published books at," Stockton said. "It doesn't matter how good your product is. What matters is how to get your book seen above all others."

When Stockton left Lulu, she wanted to start a new business that helped those diamond in the rough authors be discovered, sell copies of their book and actually make money. "I have always loved books," Stockton said, speaking of her youth in the small town of Camden, North Carolina. "Books enabled a glimpse into an outside world I couldn't wait to experience."

Stockton's experience has taught her the inside secrets on how to get an author’s book seen and sold. Since Stockton started in the spring of 2012, she has published three books and anticipates having 5 more by the end of the year. The Big Picture: The Seven Step Guide for Creative Success in Business, by RD (Randy) Riccoboni has already made it onto an Amazon bestseller list. The Networking Diary, written by Nancy Nguyen and Dinner for God written by Rayme Sciaroni are other exciting additions to the imprint.

Stockton's business model is really what sets her apart. In a new age of publishing, she is a lot like an old school publisher. She stays with her authors throughout the entire process. Her diligent research into what was available in the marketplace led her to the discovery that she would have to “reinvent the publishing wheel.” Stockton shares: “I didn’t actually want to run a company but there was not someone doing what I envisioned needed to be done. Plus, I saw a lot of people getting taken advantage of in terms of money collected for services that weren’t delivered. was born from that.”

From writing to editing to design, she helps authors develop a great product. What really separates from other companies is that she continues to work with authors after they've published. She is their agent, booking speaking engagements, getting press releases published in the papers, and maximizing their social media.

Stockton has learned the secrets of selling through and how to increase an author's search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. “Getting on the first page of Amazon search is the key to selling books” Says Stockton “and there is a method to the madness.” Publishing Unleashed ensures all possible author distribution channels are utilized and that her authors showing up in searches. If you have a big message to get out into the world and want to be discovered, then Stockton is the person to do that.

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