PuffPuff.Club Expands Its Rich Assortment of E-Liquids to Include 19 Refreshing Flavors

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Bristol, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Traditional smokers are quickly making the switch to using an E-cigarette for a variety of reasons some of which include saving money, trying to quit smoking and avoiding its inherent health hazards plus to get to experience a new range of flavours to suit the taste buds of smokers as concluded by ASH's (action on smoking and health) recent survey.

An E-cigarette makes complete health and financial sense and with the brand new savings plan introduced on PuffPuff.Club, there was never a better time to make the switch. At this active community of smart smokers, there is one coherent message that is doing the rounds, it stresses on the opportunity to save literally up to a £1,000 a year by shifting gears to E-smoking.

Considering how expensive tobacco is and considering the ill effects that follow its consumption, it is wise to contemplate making the switch ASAP.

PuffPuff.Club brings to its members great savings but, the benefits don't end here. PuffPuff offers a safer, greener, cleaner way to smoke. With the E-cigarettes sold here there is no tar residue, no ash, no undesired lingering smell, and no second hand smoke.

The satisfaction of smoking is the same, in fact, even better as it is enhanced with natural flavours whose expanded assortment features 19 delicious flavours to choose from.

Mike Robinson Co-founder of the Club said: "With over 2 million people in the UK now using E-cigarettes plus the awareness vaping e-liquids are now getting and the history Bristol has with cigarette production there's a real excitement about the future growth the internet will give our E-liquid club."

About PuffPuff.Club
This is where smokers discover the real benefits of E-smoking in a guilt free platform that has tremendous savings in store for the customers. All online orders are delivered for free, which is another big benefit that takes the form of additional savings.

The Club which was started by Mike Robinson & Jamie Hancock, two dear friends and entrepreneurs from Bristol is today, a growing community of E-smokers who have successfully ditched the habit of smoking to discover an alternative that is as exhilarating and does not have any of the bad effects of smoking.

To know more and to get access to a free membership, please click on the link, www.puffpuff.club

Media Contact:
Mike Robinson, Managing Director
Unit GW10b, 10 Clift House Road, Ashton Gate, Bristol