Pump Up Your Post's Popularity and Receive a Free Christmas Gift from will be starting off the holidays with a bang by giving out a free Christmas gift grand prize to a customer with the most popular gift post. The more times a post gets shared through, the more popular it becomes. Bizspeaking is the Pinterest for shoppers this holiday season.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/21/2012 -- will be celebrating its new-found online popularity this holiday season by offering a free Christmas gift to its most shared (and therefore most popular) Christmas gift post. The site is completely unique in that the more times a post is shared and viewed, the more popular it becomes on the site.

Everyone is encouraged to take part in's Get Your Gift On Us campaign. Users can post the gifts that they bought this year and then get their family and friends to like and share their post on the website. As the post grows in popularity, the higher the chances it has of winning the grand prize where will pay the user the price of their Christmas gift.

During the holiday season, people can use to gather great gift ideas from other users. takes the stress out of holiday shopping and can even help people find the perfect gift for people who are difficult to shop for. Bizspeaking is the Pinterest for holiday shoppers. is a site where anyone can share great deals and make new friends. With its one-click easy-share button, users can share interesting and fun items on their account with the click of a button. This makes getting involved in their Get Your Gift On Us campaign even easier. Online shoppers can use's easy-share button to upload images and information about gifts that they have bought for their loved ones online, saving them the time of having to edit, upload, and post photos.

This Christmas, one lucky member will have their gift paid for by Right now is the best time to start pumping up your holiday gift's popularity on and Get Your Gift On Us.

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