Pumpmakers Appeals for Water for All


Vienna, Austria -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2014 -- Pumpmakers presents an innovative solar pump which could be the perfect solution for the water supply problems in different parts of the world. Pumpmakers appeals to the general public to support this cause so those who need it most can take advantage of this patented concept for free. Water is a basic necessity and no one should be deprived of it.

The funding campaign - http://igg.me/at/WaterNOW - started on February 13, 2014 and is open until April 14, 2014. The total goal of the fund-raising campaign is to raise $300,000. Pumpmakers work to help provide clean and safe drinking water for everybody and end water shortage. This project will also be most likely to end poverty as well.

According to the United Nations, more than 10.000 people die of water-related diseases every day. This statistic is usually comprised of children under the age of five. This number is even greater than those of war, HIV, and malaria casualties combined.

Just imagine little children with chapped lips and weak bodies. These are mostly caused by dehydration. Imagine people writhing in pain as they try to press their bellies. These are mostly caused by drinking unclean water. However, these people are left without a choice as there are places in the world where there are no available clean and safe drinking water.

Such instances happen when people do not have access to any safe water resource or their source relies on unreliable water pump systems that are unsuitable for their current local conditions.

Achievement of this goal will cause people from different parts of the world to enjoy the benefits of free access to the NSP Solar Pump construction plans as well as resource videos and support so people can build their own solar pumps. Likewise, they can use these resources as a business concept that would give them the perfect opportunity to be an entrepreneur. “The NSP Solar Pump is a novel, maintenance-free solar well – pumping station with a hand pump function which enables you to pump water out of wells up to 100 meters’ depth cost-efficiently, effectively and sustainably,” Dietmar Stuck explained.

The NSP Solar Pump works through the use of solar energy so there is no need to worry about operation costs, it has a hand pump option that may be used in the evening, it is made of maintenance-free materials, it is salt water-resistant, and it may be manufactured locally which is great news for the local economies.

People can help through purchases of UV tester wristband, pocket notebook, sticky notes, energy wristband, colored pencil set, laser pointer, snap hook compass, solar dynamo flashlight, 8 GB USB stick, weather station with snap hook, travel charger with USB, luggage scale, wristwatch, solar charger, solar radio, travel set, office set, outdoor set, or the complete perk package.

A small help is all it takes. This little help can go a long way, along other people’s “small” help. The NSP Solar Pump provides the answers to these concerns and ends all the pain and thirst all around the world.

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