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PuntingIQ Pre-Launches New International Gaming-Betting Membership Platform Which Allows Its Members to Earn on Many Different Levels


South Golden Beach, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2013 -- “The Platform has multiple network marketing income streams for the member and there will be a section where the members can get, what we call, Tipping Advice,” according to David Smith, GM. The term Tipping is synonymous with sports wagering or betting in other countries.

PuntingIQ created its own proprietary software system. Punting IQ is an international tipping, lotteries and gaming platform designed specifically for network marketing. The products sold in this network are primarily software-based which are highly profitable. “Because of the profitability model network builders are rewarded with a high level of income is generated from the product sales and the unique income channels such as the foster parent group.” said Smith, General Manager.

One would just have to look around to understand that there is an enormous market potential within this menu. Just have to look within the boundaries of the United States to see that the appetite for gaming revenues is changing on a regular basis. With new casinos opening frequently and existing casinos now offering table games instead of just slot machines, one can see the tremendous potential for the possibility of individuals who participate in a network could earn potentially substantial money as a home-based business.

One of the channel streams is the Foster Parent group and is a stream to members from persons randomly assigned to an individual’s network. “This is one of the most unique and proprietary systems design for individual members to earn points and cash from people they have absolutely no association with. I have never seen anything like this in all my years of networking,” said David Smith, general manager of Punting IQ.

Smith went on to say, ”products and tipping platforms are offered to retail customers outside the network so all network members stand to achieve a return on their membership based on their level of membership. Our aim is to provide the forum which educates members to become successful tipsters, bettors, and develop within our membership base the most winning culture on the planet.”

The software provides the members with virtual currency and each member receives free virtual currency each and every day. Within the platform a member can utilize their virtual currency to place wagers on major sporting events around the world. The platform will have football, basketball, racing of all forms, rugby, cricket, soccer and all other forms of sports wagering. In addition Punting IQ has developed its own internal lottery program that will allow its members to purchase lottery tickets from the accumulation of free points within their account. As a member accumulates points, wins their wagers and accumulates more points they are then able to enter into more lotteries.

“As a networker, or home based business, one might be able to see the potential income one might be able to earn through a system such as Punting IQ which has currently 13 different channels of potential income for the networker,” said Smith. “The software systems are in place and are functioning as a current beta version and members are already beginning to earn commissions in their cash accounts,” Smith went on to say. With the opportunity through the foster parent network for an individual member in Canada to receive a commission from an individual in India whereby there is no real relationship between those two appears to be a new paradigm in the networking environment for persons to truly be able to earn from the efforts of others. Matt Smith, the engineer and architect of the system told me, “our goal of PuntingIQ is to develop a platform where people can educate themselves and test their skills through a virtual system where they can rely on the advice of professionals who are within the system so they can become a more informed tipster and betters. Also, to help them increase their ability to win more. Combine that with our proprietary and unique internal lottery system, which we anticipate will be in the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars payable weekly, we feel we have the best networking platform in the world.”

A new development within Punting IQ is the opportunity for other brick-and-mortar clubs, casinos and cruise lines to white label their platform and be able to retain an income structure for themselves from patrons who have visited their venue but have left and may never return. This opportunity gives those venues extended arms so when people leave their establishment and go home they can continue to wager or play the games that now are associated with that venue through the proprietary software system that has been developed. This could also be a great opportunity for charities to generate funds for their charity through a club white label platform as well.

About Punting IQ
Punting IQ is a network gaming platform on an international basis designed for the purpose of helping people become better tipsters, punters and bettors without the risk of real currency but with the potential of earning an income through the network structure and the games that will be offered as a home-based business. By adding the white label opportunity to other clubs casinos and charities the network income pots could grow substantially.

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