Pup Protector

Pup Protector Creates High Visibility LED Dog Collars Giving Dogs Better Protection

Pup Protector has created high quality dog collars threaded through with LED’s which help the dog be seen in poor lighting conditions, giving owners and drivers more notice.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Dog owners have to be responsible for their pets, and this is no small responsibility. Dogs are adventurous, curious creatures but vulnerable too. They often wander into dangers they cannot comprehend, and thousands are killed every year in vehicular collisions as dogs stray into the road late at night. One dog owner almost sacrificed his life to save his own from the same fate, and decided to found a company that would help prevent such an event happening again. Now Pup Protector offer brightly lit LED dog collars and leashes for owners to protect themselves and their dogs while out walking.

The product is especially essential now in the winter, when owners more often than not wish to take their dogs out for walks after work when darkness has already fallen. The collars and leashes are robust, comfortable and affordable, and come with a ring of colored LED lights that will alert nearby drivers to their presence, making collisions more avoidable.

The catalog of LED dog leashes and LED dog collars is available to order direct from the website and every product comes with high quality imagery, detailed product descriptions and clear pricing to make consumer decision making as easy as possible.

A spokesperson for Pup Protector explained, “One of our founders was hospitalized saving his dog from being hit by a car. He took the hit himself and thankfully his beloved Weimaraner was unharmed. Though a heroic gesture, it shouldn’t have been necessary, and thanks to our high visibility collars and leashes, both dogs and their owners can reduce the risk of their being unseen to drivers. We have created a wide variety of different colored collars and leashes to match the personalities of both dog and owner, and these will make an ideal Christmas gift to protect dogs during the long winter nights.”

About Pup Protector
Pup Protector has created a full range of LED high visibility products to be used to protect dogs and their owners while walking at night. The product range includes dog collars and dog leashes with multiple color super-bright LED lights. The products can be bought directly from the website and have been created for and by dog owners. For more information, please visit: http://www.pupprotector.com/