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Puppies for Sale, New Online Classified Directory for Puppies and Dogs, Launches


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/26/2013 -- After many failed attempts to purchase their own puppy, the founders of Puppies for Sale decided to take action. They were appalled by the number of breeders who were advertising puppies and dogs for sale with little or no regard for the animals’ welfare. They were shocked too at some of the conditions puppies were being kept in by the people breeding them. They endeavoured to create a site that would make it easy for others to find their perfect furry friend and so, the Puppies for Sale site was born.

Puppies for Sale is an online classified directory for puppies and dogs. It’s a central place people can visit to find a new puppy or dogs for sale or post an ad to sell one. In addition to advertisements, it also features helpful information people can use to choose the right pet for them. With breed information, dog guides and a puppy buying guide, Puppies for Sale makes it simple for people to learn about different breeds and make the best choice in a new dog.

In an effort to eliminate some of the poor breeding and living standards the site’s founders witnessed, they ensure that all adverts on their site are fully vetted for authenticity. And, they do everything possible to confirm the well-being of all puppies and dogs listed. “Our aim is to ensure you find your perfect friend for life, with both peace of mind and ease,” said the site’s founders.

After using the site’s breed-specific information to decide on a type, people can use the easy search facility to locate those in their area. Some of the more popular searches include cavachon puppies for sale, cavapoo puppies for sale and teacup puppies for sale. The search guide lists a range of puppies, stud dogs and dogs for sale within the chosen area. Contacting adverts more than seven days old is free of charge. Membership is required for those who want the ‘pick of the litter’ and to contact owners as soon as ads go live. There is a nominal fee for lifetime membership.

Puppies for Sale also features a directory of products and services dog owners will need once they have their new puppy, such as veterinarians, groomers, dog sitters and walkers and microchipping services.

About Puppies for Sale
Puppies for Sale is a new online classified directory created by dog lovers for dog lovers. It’s a central place where people can find a new puppy or dog or post an ad to sell one. With background information on breeds, buying guides and directories of products and services, Puppies for Sale helps people find their perfect furry friend. For more information, visit: http://www.puppiesforsale.uk.com/