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Puracoat - A New Screen Protector All Set to Be Launched

Puracoat, a new method for protecting the screens of smartphone devices is all set to be launched in the month of June 2014. The product will be available in liquid form and packaged in small bottles


Tokyo, Japan -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/02/2014 -- Puracoat, a new method for protecting the screens of smartphone devices and tablets is going to be launched soon. Puracoat, a liquid available in small bottles can be applied permanently on entire device such as mobile phones and tablets and forms a protective layer thereby resisting any kind of scratches as well as dirt and dust. The product is 100 percent water resistant, weather resilient, anti-static and anti-bacterial and can only be removed via polishing. The product also helps in avoiding dust and stains on devices and improving the quality of the display screen.

Speaking to media, a representative from the company said, “Yes, we are going to launch our new product that is quite useful for protecting the screen of the mobiles and other devices effectively. Now you can put off the old system of sticky plastic screen protector. This liquid performer works great when it comes to avoiding scratches and other harmful effects on mobile screens.” He further added, “Puracoat is going to give great satisfaction to users in terms of keeping mobile safe and protected.”

According to the sources, Puracoat was basically intended by the company for the glasses of high residential buildings. However, the team later realized other usage of the product as well. The technology was quite pricey; however, after putting in some research, the company formed an effective variant in order to make the product affordable and easy to use for causal customers.

Puracoat will be created in liquid structure and available in the market in small bottles. The liquid will be effective for 18 months once the bottle is opened. It is completely hazard-free and nontoxic and has been tested on a number of different devices to make sure that it is effective for all kinds of devices screen. The nanotechnology that is used to make Puracoat is expected to be available in several touch screen devices in the times to come.

The company is going to launch a campaign on Indiegogo in order to get support from viewers across the world for bulk manufacturing, packaging and marketing the product.

About Puracoat
Puracoat is a new method for protecting mobile screen and many other devices. The product is in liquid form and made with nanotechnology.

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