Purchase Food Grade Quality Based Non Stick Oil Containers


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/13/2013 -- RastaVapes introduces the whole new range of non stick oil containers for storing honey oil. Using glass containers is not safe, especially for traveling and customers face many problems due to the heavy weight, breakages etc. Eyeing this point these non-stick honey oil containers have been manufactured from silicon that is lightweight and unbreakable suitable for long term usage. These containers are of standard sizes and can easily fit in any portable storage medium and carried during long distance journeys.

The non- stick honey oil containers manufactured by Puff Nuggs have been tested and found safe for storing edible products. Only food grade quality silicon is used as the prime material in these containers. These containers provide airtight storage to retain the freshness of the honey oil and ingredients in proper condition for several days. These dishwasher safe containers are quite convenient to use and easy to clean. They are tolerant to temperature fluctuations and can be put into freezer or microwave ovens. In case, the contents get concentrated these containers can be put into the microwave for heating. The product can bear extreme high temperatures up to 500 degrees. The non stick quality does not let the contents stick to the containers and one can easily empty the stickiest of the products.

The non stick containers from Puff Nuggs are quite affordable and are available in a set of five only at a price of $ 21.95. Available in three vibrant colors they are compact in size and easy to seal. The silicone gasket is added to the unbreakable acrylic casing ensure the containers stay airtight and properly locked to avoid opening while it is kept in storage while traveling. Simply squeeze and twist to open the lid. The casting of these containers is done in platinum molds to bestow a nonporous surface that does not allow the contents to stick to the walls.

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