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Purchase the New Generac 48kW Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator

Miami, FL – A&A Power Generators is proud to carry the all-new Generac 48kW Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator. This revamped and upgraded model features the best in its class 4.5L engine configured and built by Generac.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2019 -- The 48kW is a revamp of the liquid-cooled Generac lineup. Generac is among the few U.S. manufacturers designing and building a complete generator comprising the engine, alternator, fuel system, controller and enclosure.

The 48kW's 4.5L purpose-built engine was completely reinvented. It utilizes an ultra-low pressure dual-valve fuel delivery system and intelligent proprietary engine controls that can manage over 100 performance functions for the highest efficiency no matter the elevation and temperature range.

The latest 48kW is six inches longer than previous models, something that should be known to consumers. It features a new GenPad and updated stub-ups. In addition, the fuel inlet was upgraded to 1 ΒΌ" NPT female tee.

For more information about buying or upgrading to the new Generac 48kW Liquid-Cooled Standby Generator, please A&A Power Generators.

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