Purchasing Online Prescription Glasses Makes Sense for Budget Conscious Consumers


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Consumers who are looking to save money on their next pair of glasses are encouraged to visit the online prescription glasses retailer Ido Optical. The company offers rock bottom prices on many of the most popular brands available today and they are currently hosting a ‘buy 3’ get free shipping sale so consumers save even more money on their already low prices.

In addition to offering cheap prescription glasses, Ido Optical carries Rx sunglasses for men, women and children at incredible prices. The company stocks numerous frame design choices in terms of color, brand and type of glasses. That’s something which neighborhood retailers cannot accomplish simply because of stock room constraints.

It would be impossible for a local optician to stock such a wide range of glasses and frames. To buy prescription glasses online is cheaper at Ido Optical as there is no middle man and the business overhead is fixed. Low prices can actually help consumers choose pricier fashion frames and still pay less than a normal brick and mortar establishment.

“I got tired of squinting every time I had to read something and my back was starting to hurt every time I got online. I couldn’t see clearly so I’d have to bend over just to make out the words on the computer. I finally decided to get eye glasses and I went through Ido Optical. My glasses arrived on time and they were exactly what I needed. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve their vision.” – Jason Patterson

The company’s low prices allow consumers to buy multiple pairs so they can switch glasses depending on the occasion. And with the current ‘buy 3’ get free shipping sale consumers are assured to have a pair of glasses for work, a pair for going out to functions and a pair to use at home. Ido Optical offers fashion glasses, classic, leisure, sporty and retro. Customers can also choose their glasses by shape which is a plus for people with striking features or an overly round face.

Catherine Cao,owner of, has been in optical area for over 15 years. She set up the company in 2005, then develop it in to a manufacturing-based,outsourcing, customer-driven and innovative company in following years.The progress of idooptical in over five years can be attributed to her industrious working, successful marketing strategies and sophisticated management skills.

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