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Pure Financial Academy Announces Launch of New, Free, Introductory Day-Trading Course

New lessons will help newcomers understand the basic concepts and potential of day trading while also providing interesting glimpses of more advanced topics, PureFinancialAcademy.com reports


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/30/2014 -- Pure Financial Academy, an online provider of education and software for day traders, announced the availability of a new, free introduction to day trading. The company's new offering is aimed at guiding even those with no prior background in the subject how to become profitable, self-sufficient, day traders and draws upon the organization's extensive experience teaching and mentoring all levels of traders. In addition to this new, free introductory course, Pure Financial Academy offers a variety of other educational opportunities for traders of every level of skill and experience, as well as some of the most advanced software trading tools available.

"We've had great success showing committed, established day traders how to increase their returns and master every market opportunity," company representative Will Busby said, "and our new, free introductory course is going to enable even more people to take advantage of the possibilities of day trading." Most participants in the world's equities markets buy stocks intending to hold them for significant periods of time. Day traders, on the other hand, focus on making money by coming out ahead on the short-term fluctuations in those markets, typically liquidating all of their positions in less than a day.

Pure Financial Academy provides a wide variety of tools for those interested in this sort of trading. A semi-automated system available through the Pure Financial Academy website, for example, helps traders to recognize and exploit structural pricing developments in world markets, allowing them to automatically craft orders which only need to be confirmed before execution. The company also teaches traders a variety of other profitable day-trading techniques, many of which draw upon the accumulated knowledge in fields like technical analysis to allow traders to make similarly mechanistic, rule-based trading judgments. By accumulating large numbers of defined, low-risk profits in this ways, many of the company's clients have become full-time day traders capable of making significant incomes.

A leading force for innovation in the sector, Pure Financial Academy also keeps investors and traders apprised of the latest developments through a continually updated company blog. The new perspectives and opportunities pointed out and described there often result in new educational offerings from the company, as well, making it one of the most vital sources of leading-edge day trading information. The company's software products are likewise informed by the latest developments and keenest analysis of the markets so that it easily can claim to have the most to offer of any single source in its field.

"Our new introductory course delivers it all and really shows what makes us so special," Busby concluded, "and now even beginning day traders can quickly and easily and get a feel for the incredible opportunities we have enlightened so many others about." Those interested in the newly opened course may find further information and a sign-up form at the Pure Financial Academy website, where the company's other free and paid products are also detailed extensively. The new, introductory online course is entirely free of charge and obligation and will remain open to registrants while sufficient space remains.

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