Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Review - Why Doctors Recommend It?


Oakland Gardens, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2013 -- Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus is a dietary supplement manufactured in an an FDA registered facility in the United States. The supplement works in four easy steps to help overweight people lose the extra inches from the stubborn areas such as belly, hips and thighs. People can also use the green coffee bean extract supplement to enhance their weight loss regimen.

Green coffee beans grow in hot and humid climates in the African continent as well as in the region of South America. Green coffee beans are the crudest form of roasted coffee beans which are popular all over the world as a morning beverage. Almost 30 percent of the adult American population drinks one to three cups of brewed coffee everyday. The green coffee beans are free from chemical processes and contain a concentrated amount of chlorogenic acid which is lost in the brewing and roasting process. Chlorogenic acid is known to inhibit the hunger pangs and to curb appetite.

Green coffee bean extract was used in a clinical study at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania where 16 obese participants underwent a trial of 22 weeks with no changes in diet or exercise and were given a dosage of between 500 to 800 mg of green coffee bean extract twice everyday, half an hour before breakfast and lunch meals. all the participants lost about an average of 17 pounds. The extract curbs cravings for sugar and high fats.

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus was formulated by keeping in mind the body's requirements of energy supply and metabolic boost. According to the recommended requirements discussed by celebrity doctor on his TV show, the pill contains almost 50 percent of Chlorogenic Acid. The chlorogenic acid is what gives the green coffee extract its hunger suppressing properties.

About Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Plus
Green coffee bean extract works in 4 easy steps. The extract limits the absorption of fat into the body. The body only absorbs the nutrients while the fat cells are broken down and excreted out of the system. The extract also lowers bad cholesterol by curbing the absorption of glucose and sugar into the blood stream. The results from taking the supplement include an enhanced metabolism which burns more calories to use up food as energy, better immunity against diseases and bacteria plus more energy through out the day.

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