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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract: Side Effects and Benefits Revealed

With pure green coffee bean extract getting more and more exposure online, ReviewsGod brings out a detailed review covering the pros and cons of green coffee beans.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2013 -- Pure green coffee bean extract has climbed in demand multiple folds after intense media coverage followed by growth on number of websites offering green coffee bean supplements. The heavy influx of its demand has mainly brought out the green coffee bean benefits among common people. However it must be noted that apart from the benefits, there are also some side effects of green coffee beans.

To understand the green coffee bean side effects, one may note that although no serious side effects have been reported on the basis of clinical researches, but there are some precautions which are to be noted:

Breast feeding and Pregnancy: Since there is not enough comprehensive research in case of pregnant and lactating mothers, hence it is advisable not to opt for green coffee bean in such scenario.

The other side effects of green coffee bean extract are mainly related to caffeine content and hence advisable to avoid it in following cases: Bleeding disorders, Glaucoma, Thinning bones. Also taking excess dose of green coffee bean extract may cause headache and vomiting in some persons.

The benefits of pure green coffee bean extract is because of higher level of chlorogenic acid. The natural chlorogenic acid is what makes the green coffee beans effective in dealing with weight loss problems. During roasting or modifying green coffee beans, this chlorogenic acid decreases and hence it becomes of little to no use.

A reviewer, Ryan says "Green coffee beans have emerged by showing greener results in weight loss".

Green coffee beans are effective in dealing with weight loss problems. However, owing to over exposure of green coffee diet, there are several websites which have popped up as intermediaries and even some scam suppliers. Many websites just collect the user data and supply it to another linked source, hence such websites come and go overnight. Also being one of the flourishing profit making industry, there is also infiltration of poor quality green coffee bean suppliers.

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