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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Website Brings Weight Loss Info and Purchase Opportunity


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2012 -- Thousands that want to lose wait naturally are flocking to the new Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract website to learn about and purchase the safe and effective weight loss supplement. The review website provides vital information on the safe weight loss supplement that was first seen by many on television’s Dr. Oz Show.

Americans are finally dedicating themselves to dropping pounds and getting in shape. Although there are many methods from which to choose, the emphasis is shifting to good old fashioned exercise and natural weight loss supplements that are both safe and effective. A supplement that has been gaining acclaim for thousands across the country is the natural Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract. Many are turning to the new website PureGreenCoffeeBeanExtract.us to purchase and learn more about the supplement.

The Green Coffee Extract Weight loss supplement is derived from unroasted green coffee beans in their natural state. Once extracted and blended with other powerful natural fat burning ingredients, it helps release fatty acids from fat stored in the body. Green Coffee is a potent, natural antioxidant that helps protect the body from free-radical stress and damage. First seen by many on television’s Dr. Oz Show, thousands are now seeking it out as a vital part of their weight loss regimen. “The new website explains in detail how it works and allows readers to purchase the supplement at greatly reduced prices,” said a PureGreenCoffeeBeanExtract.us representative.

Recent studies have shown green coffee bean extract users losing as much as 17 pounds more than those who did not take green coffee bean diet pills. The pure green coffee supplement enhances healthy weight management without drug side effects, helps the body maintain proper glucose levels after eating and boosts the body’s metabolism so it burns fat faster. “When people add this effective and safe supplement to eating healthy and exercising regularly, they quickly see results that motivate them to lose even more,” said the website representative.

Right now, visitors to the review website can purchase a three month supply of 500mg capsules at a greatly reduced price with a money back guarantee. In addition to detailed information and reviews, the website also provides study information and numerous testimonials from users. For more information, please visit http://puregreencoffeebeanextract.us

About PureGreenCoffeeBeanExtract.us
The new website provides detailed information, reviews and purchase opportunities for the Green Coffee Bean Extract weight loss supplement. First seen by many on television’s Dr. Oz Show, the all-natural and safe weight loss supplement is derived from green coffee beans. Working in conjunction with proper diet and exercise, it is proven to help maintain proper glucose levels, boost metabolism for weight loss and provide potent antioxidants.