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Pure Yacon Extract Now Available - Provide Greatest Health Benefits


Cape Town, South Africa -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Health conscious consumers are challenged with choosing a supplement that delivers on the promise made to them. In the case of people trying to lose weight and Yacon extract, the challenge is considerable. BioGanix is now producing the highest quality Yacon weight loss supplement to solve this problem.

The head of BioGanix commented on the issues facing consumers: “Only pure Yacon extract, organic in its final product, will produce the kind of results the weight loss market is looking for in this type of supplement.”

What that means is 100% pure ingredients and has enough Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) to achieve the proper effect. Yacon anatomy comes into play and this is critical to the effectiveness of the final product. In order to contain the active ingredients, the ingredients must be from the plant root – not the leaves.

The effectiveness of the plant roots was confirmed in research studies. These are the same studies reported by Clinical Nutrition and the trial conducted by a celebrity doctor of Fox News. Participants in the first study lost over 30 pounds, on average.

What makes FOS so special and what exactly does it do?

The Yacon plant is no different from other plants in that it contains carbohydrates. In Yacon, these carbohydrates (sugars) exist in the chemical structure known as FOS. These are natural sugars which play a critical role in metabolism. The effect is to inhibit carbohydrate metabolism that would normally be used and partially converted to fat. This process is how organic Yacon and Yacon extract inhibits fat from forming.

FOS exerts a two-fold effect on the body with important implications for losing weight. First, the metabolism is increased via a complex chain reaction. The prebiotic effect of FOS promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. When gut bacteria are optimal, the uptake of nutrients is given a boost.

The second major consequence of ingesting FOS is appetite suppression. The process of appetite reduction is achieved by inhibiting levels of a “hunger hormone” known as Ghrelin. This complex hormone stimulates hunger and is at highest levels just before meals.

Taking the proper amounts of FOS from the Yacon root will produce a longer feeling of being full after eating. This feeling of being satiated will occur in a shorter time frame. An added benefit is the reduction of snacking between meals, thus helping with weight reduction.

Consumers purchasing weight loss supplements derived from the Yacon Root must understand the importance of using organic Yacon of the highest quality. The impressive benefits underscore the need for purity of ingredients and manufacturing according to quality guidelines.

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