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Pure Yacon Extract Supplement Reviews Affirm Its Weight Loss Benefits


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2014 -- Reading real user reviews is the best way of knowing about a product before buying or testing it. After the introduction of Yacon Root Extract, user reviews have started pouring in and most of them are verifying the effectiveness of the supplement’s weight loss effect.

People are learning that the best way of attaining weight loss success is to adopt natural ways which include a healthy diet and regular exercise as the fundamental weight loss plan. Some people looking to lose weight more quickly have added natural supplements and weight loss aids to give a boost to their weight loss results.

It has been observed that the general hurdle to overcome before losing weight or keeping the weight off is the persistent food cravings, especially with added sugar. Another hurdle is the feeling of being unfulfilled after a weight loss diet meal. However, those obstacles have a quick fix and that is why weight loss supplements were created. A. Hudson, a yacon root extract user, shared her experience of the yacon benefits she experienced:

“Since taking the Yacon Root, my appetite has not only been suppressed but I have found that foods I used to love to eat as a `treat' I can't literally stomach anymore. Sometimes I am guilty on liking steak fries with German mayo or gravy on them. However, I made them one night and could not eat them. The Yacon Root not only suppressed the appetite but for me, and I can only speak for myself, I find my body craving fresh fruits and vegetables.”

Yacon Syrup is extracted from the tuberous roots of the Yacon Plant which is native to Bolivia, Brazil, and Peru. The syrup is used as an organic sweetener; it contains approximately 50% FOS or Fructooligosaccharides that doesn’t increase blood glucose levels. Also the high fiber content keeps users feeling satisfied for longer periods of time, and it also helps with digestive problems.

Many users have chosen pure yacon extract because the fiber in the extract promotes easy digestion and healthy bowel movements which help relieve constipation. G.L. Mate writes:

“I was having trouble with digestion and when I take this product, with each meal, I don't have the up-set and constipation. It's now a regular in my vitamin routine.”

Bioganix, the popular and highly trusted name in the world of natural supplement manufacturing, has released a premium Yacon root extract product under the name of “Pure Organic Yacon Root Extract Premium 1000”. The supplement has been made using only certified organic Yacon syrup. It has been manufactured in the USA in GMP-certified and FDA-Approved facilities.

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