PureGreenCoffeeExtract.com Beats Major Coffee Shop Chain's Prices for High Quality Green Coffee Extract


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- Pure green coffee extract has received significant media coverage in recent months for its many health benefits. Green coffee extract was featured on The Dr. Oz Show, and one of the top coffee shop chains in the world has recently released a new fruit drink featuring green coffee bean extract. Consumers are interested in the drink for the reported metabolism boost and powerful antioxidant properties, yet the cost of this coffee shop chain beverage prevents most consumers from enjoying the new drink on a regular basis.

PureGreenCoffeeExtract.com has emerged as a website providing a more affordable option for consumers seeking green coffee extract. The site highlights a new product called Green Coffee Pure, which is green coffee extract in capsule form. PureGreenCoffeeExtract.com provides in-depth editorial content explaining both the benefits of green coffee extract and why Green Coffee Pure is an effective and budget-friendly choice.

The site’s home page lists the many benefits of green coffee extract and the additional ingredients in Green Coffee Pure that make it an even healthier product than traditional green coffee extract beverages and supplements. The numerous antioxidants and fat burners, such as Resveratrol, African mango and grapefruit pectin in the ingredients list, are one of the reasons PureGreenCoffeeExtract.com recommends the Green Coffee Pure supplement.

User-friendly site navigation makes it easy for visitors to find the information they are seeking. Categories such as Diabetes, Green Coffee Studies and Weight-Loss on the side-bar provide extensive editorial content educating the reader regarding green coffee extract and its impact on specific medical conditions, health and overall well-being.

A brief video also on the side-bar breaks down exactly how pure green coffee extract provides the reported health benefits.

A spokesperson for the site explained the media buzz around the products:

“On the day that The Dr. Oz Show about green coffee beans aired, millions of viewers all around the world were astounded to learn that these little green coffee beans have the power to speed up the absorption of glucose and raise the body’s resting metabolic rate”

“Long after the show’s air date, the buzz about green coffee and dieting continues, and it shows no sign of slowing down. You can find this product online; just be sure to deal with an experienced and trustworthy retailer that offers an authentic product.”

PureGreenCoffeeExtract.com cuts through the buzz and media coverage to provide valuable, reliable information, educating consumers on pure green coffee extract, the potential health benefits and the most affordable options for adding the extract to the daily diet.

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PureGreenCoffeeExtract.com is a website dedicated to providing extensive editorial content regarding the health benefits of green coffee extract. The site features a new product, Green Coffee Pure, a green coffee extract in a capsule form that is more affordable than traditional green coffee extract beverages on the market. The site’s in-depth editorial content and product review make it a preferred choice for consumers interested in learning more about green coffee extract. For more information, visit http://puregreencoffeeextract.com