Purest E-Liquids Helps Buyers Choose the Cleanest, Purest E-Juices Available in Entire Global Market

UK-based e-cigarette and vaping ingredients manufacturer offers range of top-shelf e-vapor products prepared in Grade D GMP clean rooms.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2015 -- The Purest E-Liquids (, a United Kingdom-based e-cigarette and vaping ingredients manufacturer, prides itself on offering only the cleanest, purest e-liquids in the world, all prepared in Grade D GMP clean rooms.

The high-end products made of the best vape juice are designed for a multitude of uses beyond e-cigarette applications, including medications for inhalations and e-liquids that boast full transparency of ingredients via batch testing on every item sold. Further, The Purest E-Liquids sells only the most highly-rated PG-based e-fluid, and for those sensitive to the PG variants the company also offers a range of 100-percent pure VG e-liquid.

"Reports over the years have shown that the e-vapor category – as burgeoning and popular as it is amongst the socially-trendy today – is replete with some frightening statistics with regard to what many manufacturers are using in them," states a Purest E-Liquids company spokesperson. "Some e-liquids contain TSNAs, known to be some of the most potent carcinogens present in smokeless tobacco, snuff and tobacco smoke; some e-liquids contain Diethylene glycol, which has resulted in numerous epidemics of poisoning since the early 20th century. This isn't what we use at The Purest E-Liquids, and it's not how we do business – people need to choose wisely when putting substances into their bodies, and we're here to help with that."

According to Purest E-Liquids representatives, Platinum E Liquid V2 (Vapour2) is the best e-liquid being sold in the world today, boasting high-quality, great-tasting pharmaceutical-grade ingredients. With total transparency available to the consumer on every bottle sold and a plethora of flavours to choose from, Purest E-Liquids has been proud to feature this highly-regarded brand.

Similarly, ECOpure vape juice by CN Creative – UK Labs has been deemed the best e-liquid coming from the United Kingdom, fully tested in a state-of-the-art Bioscience lab at Manchester University. Simple, straightforward ingredients have yielded a narrow selection of prime flavours targeted at those seeking the ultimate tobacco taste.

The Purest E-Liquids believes that its customers should rest assured knowing that the e-liquid products they are using are of the highest quality, and that the utmost care has been taken to ensure the user's health is the number-one priority.

The Purest E-Liquids can be reached by calling 01733 426 669.

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The Purest E-Liquids (, a United Kingdom-based e-cigarette and vaping ingredients manufacturer