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Purlem.com Announces New Personalized URL Outbound Link Tracking Feature

Personalized URLs are leading a diverse range of businesses to higher conversions, stronger customer retention and ultimately higher bottom line profits. Purlem.com, an innovator in the world of personalized URLs, today announces its new outbound link tracking feature.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- PURLs (Personalized URLs) are rapidly helping marketers around the world increase their conversion rates by directly connecting with each individual member of their audience. Purlem.com, a leading provider of PURLs, is today taking this technology to the next level with their innovative outbound link tracking feature.

The company has been leading the PURL movement with its ability to allow marketers to send their web users to pages which are fully personalized to them, complete with a personalized URL (joesmith.domain.com). However, today’s announcement is poised to give marketers an even more powerful inside track on their visitor’s behaviour, by tracking outbound link clicks.

“The ability to track outbound links can be a critical piece of analytic data in a PURL campaign.” “With Purlem’s new outbound link tracking, you can now see who clicks on a link, when they clicked, and the link’s destination.” Says Martin Thomas, Founder of Purlem.com

Everything happens behind the scenes, requiring no work on the part of the campaign administrator.

Thomas explains why the feature was implemented:

“We added the feature in response to an overwhelming number of requests from our users. Now, when somebody visits their own PURL Landing Page, you can already see who visits, and when they visit, but their level of engagement was previously not tracked. By adding outbound link tracking, Purlem is taking a step towards tracking a visitor’s engagement with the landing page” he adds.

Every plan will benefit from outbound link tracking and existing users will get access to the feature automatically.

For more information on the new outbound link tracking feature, as well as to obtain further information on the power of PURLs, please visit: http://www.purlem.com

About Purlem
Purlem is a web-based application that enables companies to develop new business with Personalized URLs. A Personalized URL, or "PURL," is a unique website personalized to each prospect or customer. PURLs are known to substantially increase response rates and overall marketing effectiveness. With a focus on being affordable and easy to use, Purlem has become the fastest growing Personalized URL platform in the world.

For more information visit http://www.purlem.com

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