Purple Wishing Gate

Purple Wishing Gate Impresses Customers with Their Redesigned Website


Middletown, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/12/2019 -- Purple Wishing Gate, an online gift store of blessings for any occasion, has unveiled a completely redesigned website with blazing fast speeds and an ultra-sleek look. The website includes a host of new features and designs aimed at enhancing the customer's shopping experience.

PWG founder Barbara D. MacAdam says, "After much anticipation I'm thrilled to reveal our new website to the world! Our team worked hard to give Purple Wishing Gate customers the most pleasant and streamlined experience possible."

The redesign includes a soothing yet vibrant purple-indigo color palette. With its clean lines, intuitive spaces, lush gradients and sophisticated typeface the site really stands out. The subtlety of the design allows the blessings to truly shine. They removed the clutter and replaced it with well-defined spaces making it easier to find that special blessing for your loved one.

"We designed the site to feel more spacious and less cluttered, while actually providing the customer with more pertinent information than before, helping them to make a more informed purchase." said Bill MacAdam, Senior Web Designer.

The product pages still offer the same great options as before, but they've been simplified and made "dummy-proof". The 3 step process feels very intuitive and is impossible to mess up. Along with the description, additional details such as product specs and shipping rates now sit nicely within the new tabs section. They've also integrated customer reviews which is great for reassuring new buyers. You can see an example of their Retirement Blessing Here.

Besides the website's new and beautiful design, it also has blazing fast loading times. It uses an intelligent page preloading feature created by designers at Out of the Sandbox. This breakthrough technology can predict what a customer will click on, thereby preloading that content to provide a seamless transition while navigating. In addition to faster navigation, the checkout process has been sped up as well with the integration of advanced checkout buttons. Now customers can make an instant purchase from the product page, skipping the typically tedious checkout process.

To see what all the hype is about you can visit their brand new website at https://www.purplewishinggte.com/. For more information or questions contact PWG by emailing: info@purplewishinggate.com

About Purple Wishing Gate
The Purple Wishing Gate began with a dream. Its founder, Barbara D. MacAdam, dreamed of her 12-year-old daughter, Bonnie Rose, who had passed away from cancer, standing behind a purple gate in a heavenly garden. As people came up to the gate, Bonnie listened to their wishes, turned them into prayers, then ran off to give them to God. Thus, Purple Wishing Gate was born...where wishes made are turned to prayer, so God can keep them in His care!

Inspired by her dream, Barbara began writing and painting personalized blessings that people of all faiths can give as gifts. For the past 14 years, Purple Wishing Gate has spread inspirational messages of hope, love and gratitude; in addition, 10% of all sales go to children with cancer.