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PUSH Launches New Device to Revolutionize Weight Training

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Toronto, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2013 -- Toronto—PUSH Designs Solutions Inc., announces the launch of a new app-enabled fitness device that tracks and analyzes strength performance at the gym. PUSH revolutionizes the weight training experience with the unveiling of a device that tracks your movement. With no imaginary points or arbitrary scores, PUSH utilizes scientifically validated metrics, such as Velocity and Peak Power, to provide a way to track and visualize an athlete’s training performance. This information helps the user optimize their training and also reduce the risk of injury by detecting early signs of fatigue.

PUSH President & CEO Rami Alhamad along with the PUSH team; have set out to transform the training experience at the gym by looking at cutting-edge research in sport science and validating against research lab-grade equipment, to find a way to streamline progress and optimize training.

“It has been our goal to develop an affordable, accurate and easy to use system to track workouts that can show you how well you did, not just what you did. We want to help you make the most out of your time at the gym, streamline your progress week-in week-out and help you reduce the risk of injury.” said Alhamad. “We also want to bring a new social aspect and enable better trainer-user interaction.”

PUSH breaks down each workout and tracks:

- Reps and Sets
- Power
- Balance
- Speed
- Explosive Strength
- Time
- 1 Rep Max
- Volume Load
- Tempo
- With more metrics in the pipeline.

PUSH also utilizes its app and portal system to connect athletes and coaches for an enhanced social and competitive training experience. Users have the ability to compare their performance with friends and teammates through a live view setup that can stream data from every athlete’s workout to a TV screen in the gym in real-time.

Coaches and trainers can now access each athlete’s personal profile and have the ability to monitor each team member’s progress and prescribe new workouts based on their results. PUSH makes it easy to visualize trends, extract meaningful feedback on individual performance and compares their progress in relation to the whole team.

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About PUSH Design Solutions Inc.
PUSH is a Toronto-based fitness technology startup launched from the JOLT program at MaRS. For more information visit www.pushstrength.com or follow @PUSHstrength on Twitter.

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