Trader Ed's Binary Options

Put-Option Provides Program for Beginner and Pro Forex Trading


Adelanto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Put-Option Call Option (binary options) has announced its release of the newest Forex Currency Binary System. The latest version provides ease of use and is geared toward both beginners and pro traders. The system is designed to be user friendly so that using it is easy, fun, and a way to make money.

Ed Arthur, media contact, recently answered the tough question, 'what makes put option - binary options the best?' he responded with, "Experience is what makes the difference. Let me tell you this, I began online trading back in 2001 when it first became popular. I didn't have a lot to go on as my computer equipment was ancient and I had no money to replace it but what I did have was was pure determination. My first development was Forex Super Scalper and then I came up with Fx Binary Combo Strategy".

When asked why he developed the system in the first place Arthur responded, "Quite frankly and to be honest, I developed these tools to help myself make money, I never intended to sell the platforms to others. Since they worked for me and I started making money, friends and family wanted in on my 'secret' so I shared my system with them and watched them make money. Before long, it began to spread through word-of-mouth and I finally realized I had a product and system that others wanted and decided to start the company".

When Arthur was asked for some explanation of call option and binary options, he was excited to share stating, "The Put-Option - Call Option is the name of the binary options program itself. It works on a variety of platforms, which is where the binary options come into play. A person just starting out or even the pros trading commodities setup the software as instructed and the program will give an audible/text box alert and generate the trade with the indicators, then the trader manually places the trade setting an auto expiry time and watches for the "In The Money" expiry most of the time."

The future of Put- Option binary options appears bright and Arthur confirms this by stating, "My mind never shuts off - I am continually looking for ways to improve the system and pass this on to users. It has truly become my passion to help people succeed with Forex trading. These are tools I use myself and I know they work!"

Put-Option Call-Option began with one man's love for Forex trading. Ed Arthur decided back in 2001 that he would find a way to make money trading and when he did just that, others were keen on finding out his recipe. Of course, the recipe for Arthur was a lot of hard work and lost money in the process of finding what worked and what didn't - once he found what worked, money followed! He is pleased to see others succeed and not have to go through what he did by simply using his system.