Putting on Compression Stockings Has Finally Been Made Easier


Oswego, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/07/2012 -- Do you have trouble putting on your support hose? Compression stocking aids make it easier to pull socks or stockings over your legs if you have joint stiffness, pain, obesity, arthritis, paraplegia, or just find it difficult to bend over.

How do they work? Stocking donners use hooks, fabric pulls, or metal or plastic supports to help you pull the stocking over your leg.

There are a few basic types of Stocking Donning Aids. We have found that the most effective aid are those produced from Arion. They are called the Easy-Slide Product line. The Easy-slide products are made for both open toe compression stockings and closed toe compression stockings. They are easy to use and usually if you have trouble putting your support hose you have someone helping you with putting them on. The Easy-slide products are great if you have someone helping you with your compression stockings or socks. It enables your caretaker to quickly slip them on reducing strain on your end and theirs.

There are 3 products that they produce:
1. Easy-Slide for Open Toe Compression Stockings
2. Easy-slide Caran for Closed Toe Compression Stockings
3. Magnide for Closed Toe Compression Stockings

They are made from very smooth material, which has been treated with a special coating. Together with the dual-layer application, this coated material creates a super-smooth aid that reduces friction significantly making it very easy to slide your compression stockings without having to stretch them, which causes the life of the garments to be reduced.

We also like how easy they are to use you simply put the easy-slide over your foot like a sock and simply put your compression stocking over it and slide up easily. Then you simply pull the easy-slide out if your using open toe stocking simply pull out through the whole and if your using closed toe stocking simply pull the cord on the donning aid and pull up and out and it will slide out with easy.

You can buy the Easy-slide products at and best of all they are affordable and have free shipping.

Instructional Video of Product

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