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Puzzle Manufacturers MuseumPuzzles.com Launches New Website


Hampshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2012 -- As anyone who has ever visited a museum, art gallery, zoo, or other attraction knows quite well, one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to remember the special time spent at the location is by purchasing a meaningful souvenir from the gift shop.

For years, jigsaw puzzles have been a great choice for visitors to buy; not only are puzzles fun for people of all ages, but they often feature an image of the attraction, making them extremely popular with guests and an ideal way to recall a specific exhibit, animal, or painting.

A new website is already getting a lot of attention for its made-to-order jigsaw puzzles that are perfect for all types of tourist attractions and gift shops located around the world.

MuseumPuzzles.com specializes in the design and manufacture of quality jigsaw puzzles in all shapes, sizes, and levels of difficulty. The jigsaw puzzle manufacturers features a professional jigsaw puzzle design service that can help gift shops offer meaningful merchandise that includes their specific messages, images, and branding.

“Jigsaw Puzzles are the perfect gift item as they are relatively low cost, familiar to everyone, enjoyed by all ages from kids to grandparents, and very visual by nature,” an article on the jigsaw puzzle makers website noted, adding that puzzles are still as popular as ever and as a bonus, are often passed around between families and friends.

“They not only offer a way to your attraction and brand in a very visual way but get that brand in front of people for an extended period.”

The newly-launched puzzle company website is extremely user-friendly; visitors are welcome to visit at any time and browse through the helpful information, photos and more.

For example, an extensive “Puzzle Gallery” shows potential clients a collection of colorful photos that show some of the puzzle manufacturers previously completed projects, and the “Our Services” section explains how the staff at MuseumPuzzles.com can handle every aspect of high-quality puzzle making, from making sure the desire image is adjusted to look its very best, to designing and making the box to hold the completed puzzle.

Anyone who has questions or would like to arrange for a quotation may click on the handy contact tabs located on the home page; a friendly member of the staff will reply as soon as possible.

About MuseumPuzzles.com
We are a specialist producer of quality jigsaw puzzles for museums, zoos, galleries and other attractions worldwide and have recently launched our new website. We are a sister website to Jigsaw2order.com, which has been in the business of manufacturing and selling custom-made jigsaw puzzles to individuals and corporations for the last 10 years. For more information, please visit http://museumpuzzles.com/about-us