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PVP Battle Map Is Extremely Broad in the Elder Scrolls Online


Tsim Sha Tsui, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- For these who love The Elder Scrolls Online, only two months can meet new game must be most excited mood. Understand the game content and architecture is also very necessary in advance, so today begins to share with you in the elder scrolls Online PVP battlefield information, so that everyone has a better gaming experience with cheap ESO gold and CDK.

PVP battle content for the game will be set in the Cyrodill map, Daggerfall Covenant, the heart of the ebony and Aldmeri Dominion three camps will continuously conflict here. Want to sit on the throne rubies, one party must be under attack from other camps around the strategic stronghold and big fort. These strongholds have farms, lumber and other useful resources, how to use these resources to become the core of tactics and the outcome of the key.

The map of Cyrodill is very large; from north to south throughout the Cyrodill probably need to spend on 20 to 30 minutes. In this region, there is not only a conflict of PVP content; there are many PVE cycle tasks at the same time. So you may have enough time to enjoy the fight and earn gold or buy cheapest ESO Gold.

Cyrodill battlefield will all-weather open, players can enter the battlefield seizing castle at any time. In order to guarantee the balance of the game, the system will set the NPC guards for a minimum of defense, although can't resist the invasion of the mass, but is very effective for small-scale sneak attack troops. So you may not miss the chance to enjoy the fight with ESO cdkey.

Castle stronghold in PVP occupies the important status in the battlefield. Castle, all of them are able to match the topography of the structure, you will find the same two castles. So in the fight against each of the castle, you must be careful to customize specific plans. Victory conditions for attacking the castle: occupy castle flag certain time (similar to other games capture the flag mode), and herding or kill the defenders in the castle.


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