Pygmy Hedgehogs Now Available for Sale on the UK Website

African pygmy hedgehogs are the adorable pets that are friendly to the humans. Now, one can buy pygmy hedgehogs on the UK website, as selling pygmy hedgehogs is not illegal in the UK.


Northumberland, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/18/2014 -- Emma, who is a hobby breeder of African pygmy hedgehogs, is now bringing this opportunity for people in the UK to buy this lovely creature as an adorable pet. A pygmy hedgehog is often considered as a friendly pet for children and adults too like them for their different colors that make them truly a unique creature to keep at home. They are available in a variety of colors, such as white, brown, grey, snowflakes, albino etc.

These pygmy hedgehogs have short prickly spines on their back and they need to be handled with care. This is the reason why children are allowed to play with them under the adult supervision. African pygmy hedgehogs have soft fur on their bellies and when anything scares them, they curl up their whole body like a ball with their spines poking out as a safety shield. When they are in a relaxed position, one can easily hold them and can play with them. Emma maintains that these creatures are never known to cause any type of allergies in humans and thus are the lovable creatures to keep at home.

According to Emma, these little creatures can have a lifespan of 4-6 years, and which makes them a perfect choice to keep as a pet. They are lively creatures and they can keep running all through the night while they sleep all the day. These are some of the unique qualities that drew Emma’s attention and she started breeding these lovely creatures. She has pygmy hedgehog for sale on her website and one can glimpse through the different types of pygmy hedgehogs, available in different colors, for sale on her website. She has both male and female pygmy hedgehogs for sale and Emma maintains that both males and females are equally friendly to human interactions.

Buying or selling of pygmy hedgehogs is illegal in many countries, but in the UK one doesn’t need to have a license to own the creature. Thus, one can buy pygmy hedgehogs from Emma’s website and can bring this lovely creature home. One can read more about the creature on the website

About is a website run by Emma, who is a hobby breeder of African pygmy hedgehogs. Through her website, she shares all relevant information about this lovable creature and also offers pygmy hedgehog for sale for all those who want to take the creature at home as a pet.

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