Q&A Bed Bug Prevention

Experts at extermination company Bed Bug 911 answer questions about bed bug prevention.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2016 -- Bed bugs have become an epidemic in America, causing many people to want to take measures to protect themselves from infestation. Expert's from a New York based extermination company, BedBug911, have answered the most popular questions concerning bed bug prevention.

Q: Can bed bugs be prevented?
BedBug911: There is no 100% guarantee that a bed bug infestation can be avoided, but there are definitely measures you can take to protect yourself.

Q: What are some ways that people get bed bugs in the first place?
BedBug911: One of the common ways to get bed bugs is by bringing home items from the street. A great way to prevent bed bugs is not to collect items found on the street.

Q: Is picking furniture up from the street the only way people get bed bugs?
BedBug911: No, people can also bring infestations home while traveling on the bus or train, from hotel rooms, or buying second hand clothing. They can also travel through electrical outlets in multi family buildings.

Q: So, how do we protect ourselves when travelling, or shopping?
BedBug911: There is a bed bug travel spray by Hygea Natural that can be used is public places before sitting, such as a bus or a train.

Q: What about protecting our beds?
Bed Bug 911: Investing in a Hygea Natural bed bug mattress encasement is a smart idea.

Q: Are hotels and apartment buildings easily infested?
Bed Bug 911: Yes and no, because of the high traffic in these places, it is definitely possible to get an infestation. However, a good building manager will be sure to take preventative measures against bed bugs.

Q: What are some things that a building manager can do to keep the area safe?
Bed Bug 911: Building managers are required to have routine inspections for pests. We offer a bed bug detection service, using K9s to sniff out a potential infestation.

Q: How do I know if I have bed bugs?
Bed Bug 911: One of the ways you can tell you have bed bugs by the bites; they will leave multiple bites in the same area. Check the seams of your mattress for brown dots, as that's where bed bugs thrive.

About Bedbug911
Bedbug911 is a bed bug extermination company offering pest control services, bed bug laundry treatment, and a bed bug sniffing dog for bed bug inspection. Their sister company, Hygea Natural, manufactures their products along with a bed bug treatment line.

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