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QC Software Offers Recommendations for Managing Seasonal Peaks with WCS


Cincinnati, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/24/2014 -- QC Software, an industry leader in providing innovative software solutions for order fulfillment and distribution centers, recommended general guidelines to handle increased receiving and shipping volumes while containing costs, minimizing errors, and satisfying the customer. The recommendations can be found in the company’s blog.

QC Software recommendations include:

- Know the facts and figures. Review operations reports from each department regarding the last peak season. Be sure to look at data such as the number of orders processed per hour, total orders shipped, on-time shipments, errors, back orders, and returns. It is also important to review customer satisfaction surveys and call center reports for trends.

- Analyze reports and identify areas of improvement. Compare actual performance with company goals. Benchmark with similar companies (similar size, product, and operation). Perform an onsite survey of the warehouse to determine if there is sufficient space, if there is unnecessary movement from one area to another, if the facility has the appropriate equipment, etc. Make sure to get input from department managers and floor personnel. Keep in mind that comprehensive audits should be conducted at least yearly.

- Develop and implement a detailed plan. Based on past performance and estimates for the current season, develop a detailed plan. Focus efforts on those changes that give the greatest benefits to realize a faster ROI (Return on Investment). Review plans with key managers and staff and revise it until there is agreement. When implementing the plan, remember that gradual changes are more manageable.

- Maintain a flexible and proactive approach to warehouse management.

- Flexible capacity. Plan for additional storage capacity such as leased warehouse space, third party warehousing, or containers.

- Ensure inventory visibility across the supply chain. This is important during peak periods when the warehouse has to maintain and process additional inventory.

QC Software (www.qcsoftware.com) is proud to host the event and is recognized as an industry leader for order fulfillment and distribution centers. These innovative software solutions help North American and European distribution centers and warehouses to streamline operations with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry. Warehouse managers realize increased system productivity and dependability.

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