Qorikancha Launches Neww Heat Resistant Silicone Oven Gloves

These new, heat resistant premium grade silicone gloves, which are great for barbeques and cooking, are now available on Amazon.


Cooper City, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Qorikancha, Inc., the family run business which manufactures innovative products for everyday use, has today announced the launch of their silicone, heat resistant gloves, which are available on the Qorikancha Amazon.com store page.

The gloves, which come in fuchsia and red, are ideal for cooking and barbecuing as these premium grade silicone gloves are better than standard oven mitts or oven gloves as they have a unique five finger grip which makes it far safer when handling hot food. They make a great addition to the patio area too as they are great when used as grilling gloves when the BBQ mood strikes.

“Over the years, my husband had burnt his hands on the barbeque grill more times than I can remember. To be honest, the oven gloves I used to own never really did the business of keeping the heat out and were quite uncomfortable to wear. It was a hassle to put them on quickly, especially when I was quite eager to remove a casserole or steaming hot baking tray out of the oven,” said Helga Jackson, CEO of Qorikancha, Inc. “We looked at a variety of oven gloves and heat resistant alternatives, and settled for the best and most comfortable design, the silicone oven gloves, which we’re proud to be selling on Amazon.”

Christian purchased the gloves and gave this five star review; “Wonderful product. It's not only cheap but useful and practical. I like the texture and how you can manipulate stuff without slipping everything.” That glowing testimonial was followed by Martin, who also purchased the oven gloves and gave this five star review; “Where do I even start? At first I thought these gloves were just like any other oven glove, but I bought them because a friend said I should get them, and so I did... and now I just can't seem to take them off! These gloves are so comfortable and so heat resistant that it makes me want to put my hand on fire!! I laugh at my friends moms all the time because their gloves get burnt unlike these... as they’re BURN RESISTANT. They’re the best gloves you will ever find.”

For more information on these premium grade, silicone heat resistant gloves, check out the Amazon page.

About Qorikancha Inc. (Qorikancha.com)
Qorikancha Inc. was established in 2014 by momtrepreneur Helga Jackson, who serves the company as its CEO. Qorikancha Inc. is a family run business and is headquartered in Cooper City, Florida, USA.

Qorikancha Inc. is an agile, ambitious, collaborative and forward thinking manufacturer, specializing in providing innovative products for its customers such as the Silicone Heat Resistant Gloves, Tibetan Singing Bowls, and Solar Smartphone Chargers. Qorikancha Inc. provides unparalleled customer service, ensuring it continues to foster stronger relationships with both its customers and partners locally and internationally.

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