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QR Code Is The Newest Form Of Information Storage and Delivery

With The Usage of So Many QR Codes in Advertising Today a Good QR Code Scanner Is Needed If You Own a Smart Phone.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/10/2012 -- The need to make more information available in lesser space is the driving force of various inventions in the information technology sector. Quick Response coding, or QR coding, is the latest technology that has wide spread to various industries due to its information storage capacity and availability of QR code readers in the market. There are several online QR code readers available for different smart phones. One may find a suitable QR code scanner no matter which smart phone he/she may be using.

Since its introduction in 1994, the QR code has gradually and steadily expanded to various industries and sectors of market as a considerable mode of information provision. Though it was invented for the automotive industry, its efficiency has lead to development of online QR code technology too. An online QR code may lead to further information about the specific product for which it’s meant or to another website, email, etc. Since smart phones have become common among people, QR code scanner available with anyone of them makes QR codes easily decidable and readable. Today, Japan is the biggest user of QR codes with the UK following it very closely. A little effort in online search is sure to lead one to the appropriate QR code scanner for his/her phone.

A QR code scanner developed by authorised or renowned application developers is always the best choice to have on one’s phone. There are QR code readers available that can read UPC barcodes as well. Generally, these scanners work along with the smart phone camera and decode the QR code as it is snapped by the phone camera. A QR code scanner can open the source of more information as encoded in the QR code.

QR codes and QR readers introduce new dimension of information storage and delivery to users. There are such QR code scanners available that provide unlocking of advance features like addition of calendar events or contact information, direct linking to another phone number, sending geographic location, sending message or email, etc. QR codes are usable by both individuals and companies. The invention of online QR code system is sure to multiply the usability and reach of QR code technology and readers. The correction capacity and accuracy of QR readers are improving fast with better application available within shorter interval of time.

However, one prime concern that needs to be addressed by developers and marketers is the awareness about QR code technology among people. Majority of people, both users and non-users, have been found to be unaware of QR code usability and benefits. The more people know about its functionality, the more scope QR codes have of being adopted by even individuals as the mode of information transference.

About online QR code and QR code scanners
QR code is the latest mode of information storage and provision. A QR code is matrix of bars and/or squares which can be decoded by any online QR code reader. The technology is fast growing and gaining acceptance among people.