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Aiding in finding solutions that would transform governance


Baton Rouge, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- It is often hard to find easy solutions to most pertinent issues that influence any organization. A lot of research and expertise at handling such issues is required to find solutions that would suit the changing circumstances and bring about a change in the desired manner.

Littleford & Associates is an international operated management consulting firm which has the experience and the expertise of bettering the functioning for many organizations ranging from schools, corporate and even non-profit organizations. Having been in the market for over 13 years and headed by John C.Littleford, the organization has been able to transform lives of many clients across the nation. The rich experience in teaching and heading school boards by John C. Littleford has enabled the organization to find solutions to issues that have been stalling the success of many governing bodies.

The services offered by Littleford & Associates aim at re-creating a changed outlook for the organization that they work with. Each set up needs a way of functioning and change management needs a planning that should be incorporated in the right manner. After careful assessment and understanding the end need of the client, the consultation is provided to get the accurate results and become more focused on meeting the client’s requirements.

The consultation would include providing services like hiring the executive staff, review the planning that would be rolled out for the organization’s success, planning the compensation package of the executives, analyzing and creating reports that are in line with meeting the mission of each of the organizations. As part of the school management, understanding the salary compliance, evaluating the knowledge base of the faculty, accrediting the services through audits and enabling change management in a school environment are provided as part of the consultation for schools. Corporates can aim at seeing a much more strategic approach towards the way they operate their business and get first hand solutions on issues that curb the profit channel. Non-profit organizations can benefit through the consultation by getting the desired staff and planning on the various programs they wish to roll out effectively.

Details of the services offered by Littleford & Associates can be located at . Those who wish to opt for these services can also email their requirements and seek consultation by emailing directly to or fax it to 225-291-2811.

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