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Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2013 -- It’s true that the term drop shipping has something to do with the shipping as well as mailing of goods but actually it is a retailing method that has been shot to fame in this present era of e-commerce or online shopping. A drop shipping company called Ankaka Limited based in China is doing a great job by offering drop shipping services to numerous traders, exporters of consumer electronic gadgets all across the globe. Companies that dropship , for example Ankaka Ltd can reap many benefits. They can very easily jumpstart a thriving business online without having to invest anything on building up stocks or inventory.

This dropshipping company has set up its website Ankaka.com where the clients of the company can visit and avail the services of the company. Ankaka’s popularity is spreading like fire in China because of its extensive cliental base. There are corporate buyers, renowned e-stores, foreign wholesale traders, local drop shippers and retailers, eBay powersellers who are all hiring the drop shipping services of Ankaka Ltd and making it stand out among the other wholesale dropship companies in China.

Our Company had entered in to a partnership with more than 400 Chinese companies manufacturing electronic gadgets in 2005 and since then the company became one of the leading drop shipping suppliers as well as dropshipping wholesalers in International market. Good quality products at highly affordable rates together with a friendly customer care service is what makes us stand out among the other dropship wholesalers and drop ship suppliers in the country’ says a team member

It is very easy to hire the drop shipping services of Ankaka Ltd. The client first of all needs to create an account at the Ankaka.com website. Next what the client is required to sell the Ankaka goods through the client’s own store. The third step is to check the orders placed by the client’s customers at their store. The next step is to transfer customer’s orders to Ankaka.com along with shipping address provided by customer. Finally it is Ankaka Ltd which ships the ordered goods to the customers, but anywhere in the invoices, packaging or other accessories, Ankaka’s wholesale drop shipping role will not be revealed.

Ankaka Ltd is one of the most reputed dropship companies in China because it always remains loyal to its clients. Furthermore Ankaka’s dropship program is indeed a special opportunity for people who want to join the drop ship industry and have a business of their own.

‘No other drop ship company offers a price as low as Ankaka. It is really amazing!’ says a happy client. For more information visit http://www.ankaka.com/wholesale_dropship.html

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