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This press release is to announce to readers that Advice on Lice, top lice lady treatment service provider, assures customers about their routine procedures for eliminating lice and nits.


Kensington, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2015 -- Children often complain of itchiness of scalp. Of the various reasons for this condition, presence of head lice can be a worrying one. Small parasitic and creepy creatures, head lice, are blood suckers that reside on human scalps and are contagious. Though they are not dangerous, but itchiness associated with them is annoyingly unbearable and one might end up plucking one's hair. To eliminate head lice effectively, Advice on Lice is providing a range of lice removal products at competitive rates. These include Licemeister Comb, RID Shampoo, Lice MD Pesticide Free and Ulesfia. Tested to eliminate head lice and nits completely, individuals can count on the lice treatment services being offered by the company.

Talking more about the RID shampoo, a representative from the company stated, "We believe the OTC lice killing shampoos are a reasonably safe and effective treatment option for most people. Those with severe allergies may want to avoid these products as they contain botanicals from the chrysanthemum flower. If one chooses to use this product or any similar lice killing shampoo, we recommend following the directions on our FAQ's page rather than the ones supplied with the product."

When it comes to offering top notch quality treatment for head lice in VA, Advice on Lice is the market leader. Carried out in three simple steps, the company's head lice removal services are sure of permanently eliminating head lice and nits from the scalp of the infested person. Available for just $85.00, individuals can make an appointment with Advice on Lice for successfully knocking out these parasitic bugs from their children's heads.

About Advice on Lice
Advice on Lice, Inc. was officially established in November 2007, but the work of the company began at least ten years before. Started as a personal mission for Karen Franco who volunteered in programs attended by children to help screen for head lice in order to prevent outbreaks, Advice on Lice is where visitors receive comprehensive information on the condition. Through the years, Advice on Lice has acquired a great deal of knowledge on the subject and how best to treat it to accomplish eradication.

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