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Quality Marble and Tile Cleaner Currently Being Offered

Simple Stone solutions provides high quality marble and tile cleaner to individuals and businesses throughout the united states.


Orange, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/04/2012 -- Simple Stone Solutions was created to help the average homeowner understand how to care for their stones. For thirty years, Simple Stone Solutions has been in the professional stone restoration business. They are currently offering a specific collection of cleaners.

The products and solutions being offered by this company can be used on a variety of surfaces, whether they are stone or not. For example, many individuals are using them to care for the glass on their shower enclose.

The daily floor cleaner that is currently being offered on their site can be used on a number of surfaces. It is available in concentrated form and it is easy to prepare. It is safe to use on all natural stone and there will be no need to rinse it. It is good to use as a travertine cleaner, limestone cleaner and of course, a marble cleaner.

Apart from the daily floor cleaner, some similar products being offered by Simple Stone Solutions.

Spray Polish – Spray Polish is a product on their site. The Spray Polish is easy to use and it not only polishes the surface, but it also protects it. Individuals use it to add a finishing touch to their hearth or to their granite countertop. It is not recommended for use on the floor.

S.C.S – This is an intensive cleaner that can be used to remove mineral deposits and soap scum. It is safe to use on polished and honed stone.

Some other products being offered by this company include: Daily Counter Cleaner, Heavy Duty Cleaner Concentrate. Nylon Grout Brush, Microfiber Mopping System and more.

About Simple Stone Solutions
Simple Stone Solutions is a floor cleaning business that has been operating for thirty years. They have intense knowledge on cleaning and caring for various types of surfaces from marble to tile.

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