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Orange City, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2014 -- David Timore Turbyfill of Orange City Surgical Solutions is an Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon and he says that his academic and professional pursuits have helped him travel around the world and also in his private practice.

Academic Career

Dr. David T. Turbyfill says that it was at the Naval Medical Center San Diego he got his training in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures. He continues that it is his stint with the US Navy that has helped him translate his desire of serving the civilian public into reality.

But, before that, he gained his knowledge in Dentistry at the College of Dentistry of the University of Florida, says Dr. Turbyfill. He proudly adds that that though the program in the dental school was fiercely competitive, he completed his studies successfully in the Science of Dentistry and obtained his D.M.D. He continues that he developed a passion for oral surgery during his studies.

Military Career

Dr. David Turbyfill adds that he is very much proud of his military career because he feels that the experience he gained in his naval career has helped him gain outstanding skills in his field. He further states that he has been offering his services to the citizens of Florida since 2005.

Dr. Timore Turbyfill proudly shares the list of several military installations he has served with his patients and tells them that he has enjoyed serving in these installations.

Post-Military Career

Post his stint with the US Navy, Dr. David Turbyfill continues, that he was associated with a few other dentists and dental clinics. He adds that after a few years, he decided to begin his own private practice to offer his services to the people of Orange City. That is the reason he has started Orange City Surgical Solutions. He says that he is aware of the fact that people have many choices as far as oral surgeons are concerned but he is confident of making them feel welcome.

David Tim Turbyfill says that he is regularly approached by several patients who have complaints like ill fitting, painful dentures, etc. He adds that there may be many causes for these issues. Therefore, he urges patients who have these complaints to get the issues evaluated by him or by a general dentist to find out if infection or pathology are the reasons for these problems.

He takes pride in pointing out that in Orange City Surgical Solutions, they undertake various types of dental procedures. Issues with Wisdom teeth, Orthognathic Surgery, Dental implants and so on are the procedures they undertake in Surgical Solutions.

About Dr. David Timore Turbyfill Of Orange City Surgical Solutions
Dr. David Timore Turbyfill served as an oral surgeon in several naval establishments before he started Orange City Surgical Solutions. Orange City Surgical Solutions undertakes different types of dental procedures including issues related to Wisdom teeth, Orthognathic Surgery, Dental implants and so on.

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