Qualizzi Launches the Cool White Color for Its Mini Starry Lights Line for Outdoor Décor

Qualizzi has launched the third in their line of decorative Starry Lights products: 20 cool white battery-operated Micro LED lights on an ultra-thin string of silver wire. These beautiful, portable, easy-to-use-anywhere lights are available now just in time for the outdoor party season.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2014 -- Qualizzi is a Las Vegas based online business dedicated to selling home and garden products for decoration. The battery powered feature of their newest product, Mini Starry Lights, makes the lights a star anywhere in the home or office as well as on the patio, in the back yard, at the beach, even on camping trips. Their star product, the Copper Wire String Lights with 120 leds and the Silver Mini Sets can be found at their store on Amazon.com

The 20 tiny LED lights are spaced four inches apart on very thin silver coated copper wire strings. The wire bends easily for wrapping around objects to create the most effective display. The clear bulbs afford a 360 degree sparkling glow. Each 7-foot string of Starry Lights uses three AA batteries (not included) inside a small, transparent plastic holder with an On-Off switch. Each set of batteries will last approximately 48 hours if left on continuously. Average battery life is about five days (120 hours) if used with breaks. The wire and LED lights are waterproof so they can be used outdoors.

“The new cool white color is extremely bright. The pureness of white light is hard to find in real nature, as almost every object on earth is impregnated by the yellowish warm white color of the sun. So when you turn on the Silver Cool White Sets, they seem to be a bit bluish. But they are not blue, they are just true white. As soon as you blend them with decoration objects it will acquire a bit of its color, blending exquisitely with the surrounding ambience, transmitting clarity and freshness to it… and that is why they are so appropiate for weddings…” says Minna Notto from Qualizzi Products company.

Mini Starry Lights are a natural for use at traditional celebrations such as Fourth of July, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s and Mardi Gras. They will add a special magic to anniversaries, birthdays, graduation parties and weddings. They look great as enhancements for vases, flower arrangements and fireplaces.

For complete information on Qualizzi and their products go to their website. The company will be launching other colors of Starry Lights in the coming months. Blue and pink are top possibilities for new product announcements. Watch their website for the latest news.

The direct Amazon link for the new cool white 20-light, battery-powered Mini Starry Lights is http://www.amazon.com/Starry-Lights-Mini-Ultra-thin-decorations/dp/B00IKL8VIO/. All Qualizzi products come with a 100% no-hassle money-back guarantee of satisfaction.

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Qualizzi Products a new company based in Nevada has a big hit product, the Starry Lights, launched on December 2013 and aim to bring to the American consumer many premium quality home and garden useful items in the near future.

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