Quan12g Brings Delicious Offers to Office Workers and Families

Com Van Phong Menus Unveiled


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Mouth watering Com Van Phong menus are now being offered to office goers who can make the most of the delicious options.

Working professionals look forward to their lunch breaks as they give them some respite from their daily routine and it is also a good way of replenishing their energies. But the problem is, even to get a rice bowl they have to trudge the distance, which can be a tricky task in difficult weather conditions.

Anyone who has had to have a rice bowl in sultry hot weather knows that it can take the fun out of enjoying their meal. That’s the reason they are now being offered Com Van Phong options that can be served to them in the most perfect conditions. They also have the take away option, which might suit many as well. And that’s also true for those cold winter months that can be another hindrance for office goers who want to enjoy their meals.

Some of the highlights of these menus include the fact that they are varied everyday, which means one doesn’t get bored of them. It’s hugely important for working professionals whose routines can get a bit monotonous from time to time. But that doesn’t mean they have to let their lunches be the same, as now they have different exciting options every day.

The company also strives to ensure that not only is the food mouth watering and catering to its customers tastes, it’s also cooked in safe and hygienic conditions. It’s a factor that is of great importance to today’s discerning users and no compromises are made on this count.

Families living in Ho Chi Minh City can also find budget friendly family menus that will go down perfectly well with their outings. There’s no better way to complete a perfect family day out then to have a delicious rice bowl in a warm, friendly and comfortable ambience. The company has done its best to offer fast and convenient Com Van Phong HCM solutions that hit the mark with customers who get everything they want; from delicious food, reasonable prices and comfortable, hygienic conditions.

The company is based out of 28B P13 Q.Tân Bình Ho Chí Minh City. To find out more about Com Van Phong menus on offer one can visit the website http://www.quan12g.com , write to info@quan12g.com or call on 093 888 6720.