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Quantrim Online Announces Holiday Promotion on UK's Newest Diet Pill, Quantrim


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/31/2012 -- QuantrimOnline.co.uk is currently running a promotion for the UK’s newest diet pill, Quantrim. People looking to lose weight in the new year can now receive 50 percent off their Quantrim UK purchase. Customers of the site can buy four packages of Quantrim and receive four packages free, they can buy three packages and get two packages free, or they can buy two packages and get one package free. This is a limited time promotion.

With the start of 2013, many people are looking to get back into shape and lose the few extra pounds they may have gained over the past year or even over the holidays. The key to losing weight rapidly is choosing a well-rounded diet plan that incorporates an effective, metabolism-boosting supplement.

Produced by the same creators of Capsiplex, the highest selling dietary supplements in the UK, the new diet pill Quantrim works in three ways to help people lose weight fast. It increases a person’s metabolism and speeds up their digestive system, it burns fat and it helps to decrease a person’s appetite while providing them with more energy.

Quantrim slimming tablets are made up of two main components, Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus and Cleavers Gallium aparine, both naturally found compounds.

Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus is a type of seaweed known to help aid in the production of TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone in the body. TSH assists in maintaining good metabolism in the body, and therefore, it aids in weight loss. The Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus in Quantrim slimming tablets also reduces a person’s appetite.

Featuring weight loss and diuretic properties, Cleavers Galium aparine helps people reduce their water retention and improve their lymphatic systems.

According to QuantrimOnline.co.uk, the combination of Bladderwrack Fucus vesiculosus and Cleavers Galium aparine found in Quantrim makes the supplement very effective in helping users meet their weight loss goals.

To further assist people in losing weight in the new year, the site is pleased to help people buy Quantrim at the best rates available.

According to QuantrimOnline.co.uk, “We are offering you the best deals on Quantrim slimming pills. We are also providing discount codes, coupons and weight loss tips on our web site. New year, new you, Start losing weight with us now.”

Because it is made from natural herbs found in Europe, Quantrim is not known to have any apparent side effects and is considered to be safe when taken as directed.

For more information about Quantrim or to take advantage of the site’s current promotion, visit http://quantrimonline.co.uk

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