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New Improved QuantShare Version 2.4 Trading Software Is Now Available


Tunis, Tunisia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2011 -- Corporate Trading, the trading and financial applications company is pleased to announce the release of its newly expanded QuantShare Version 2.4 trading software. Unique within the trading industry, QuantShare trading software offers the most robust features in the industry where users can share trading systems and trading rules. The trading software supports U.S. and international markets and can be used by stock, forex, options and futures traders.

QuantShare is advanced trading software with unique rules charting analysis, backtesting and numerous plug-in features in addition to its ability to handle multiple databases. Even with more features than can be listed here, the QuantShare software sharing server and social network capabilities are two that make it quite different from other trading software in the industry.

The ability to download trading objects other traders have shared Increases trading knowledge with the help of the QuantShare community of traders. “The stock market becomes a more volatile and potentially confusing place day by day and often minute by minute,” said a Corporate Trading Company representative. The ability for both novice and seasoned traders to learn from each other is invaluable in today’s marketplace.”

The new QuantShare Version 2.4.3 software adds more than a dozen new, expanded and improved features. The software features artificial intelligence via a neural network plug-in to assist the trader in building advanced prediction models. The updated Version includes Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analysis support that works in conjunction with the neural network and other plug-ins. Other updates include the ability to create portfolios based on trading systems or strategies among many others.

The defining attribute of any complete trading software is its ability to perform both technical analysis and quantitative analysis. QuantShare trading software allows the user to drill down into the various aspects of trading data while still being able to order and track the aggregate data in a meaningful way. The software’s True Portfolio Backtester is one of the more advanced and fastest in the market and consists of the rules analyzer, the ranking system analyzer, the simulator and an advanced money management tool.

Fundamental analysis is of equal importance and QuantShare excels in this area as well. The rules analyzer allows simple creation of potentially thousands of trading rules. Users can create advanced watch-lists that auto-update when the trading software detects new quotes. While most trading software programs offer a database that can store quotes data, QuantShare allows users to create any number of historical and intraday databases, which can store almost unlimited data. To learn more and download the software, please visit http://www.quantshare.com