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Quest-Tec Introduces LEVEL-ARC Service Center Program


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Quest Tec Solutions, a Houston-based company specializing in the manufacture, development, and engineering of liquid level gauge and valve product lines, introduces the LEVEL-ARC Service Center Program that provides business owners an edge to show their customers that the company is committed to delivering quality technical service.

The QTS Authorized LEVEL-ARC Service Center program is ideal for businesses that employ technicians with liquid level measuring experience. “The program recognizes level gage and instrumentation product support businesses that employ certified technicians. Obtaining the coveted LEVEL-ARC designation assures customers that they will receive a high level of competence and service from your business,” Quest Tec executives explain.

The LEVEL-ARC certification being offered by Quest Tec boasts of international standards and credentials that impart the latest skills necessary for today’s support professionals. The major players in the distribution and reselling industry accept LEVEL-ARC certifications to possess the standard in foundation-level, vendor-neutral certification for service technicians.

There are many advantages in participating in the program. One is the access to several benefits and tools designed to meet the requirements of the business, which includes public relations resources, endorsement to potential clients, print media advertisement, and own sales literature to name some.

“The LEVEL-ARC program establishes a level of comfort with customers. It shows that your staff has met the requirements by obtaining LEVEL-ARC certifications, recognized and trusted industry credentials. Displaying the LEVEL-ARC demonstrates that you and your employees take pride in your work, and are interested in advancing the skill level and quality of business operations,” they add.

For interested parties, the Quest Tec Solutions office may be reached at 13960 S. Wayside, Houston, TX 77048, via toll-free number 866.240.9906, phone number 281.240.0440, or fax number 281.240.2440. You may also visit its official website at

About Quest Tec Solutions
Quest-Tec Solutions is a young company with a long lineage of quality, experience, and care. The development and engineering of the liquid level gage and valve product lines began more than forty years ago.These products have been consistently refined and improved to remain one of the industry leaders in liquid level measurement. One of the leading liquid measurement companies, Daniel Measurement and Control, directed this product development and engineering.

For better growth and flexibility, Quest-Tec Solutions relocated its manufacturing facility and offered a wider selection of products. In addition to the existing Daniel Liquid Level Gage and Valve line, the new facility manufactures and sells new product offerings including Glass-Trac liquid level gages and valves,
Steam-Trac steam and water gages, Level-Trac steam and water level indicators and alarms, and Magne-Trac magnetic gages.